ISIS Women’s PDQ Longneck Top

By Jenn K.

This garment was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of this review.

ISIS Women's PDQ Longneck Top I received the ISIS PDQ Longneck Top and all I can say in one word is “wow”! First of all, this top is much more than I expected. I initially looked at the top on the internet and it looked like a plain zip-up, pull over top. When I received it I could not believe the silky/satin feel of the outside of the top and the cuddly soft inner fleece lining. The flat seam stitching design and the reflective star accents on the back shoulder and the pocket give the top a nice feminine touch. The ISIS logo is located on the left arm and this also a reflective accent like the stars.

The small left upper arm pocket is perfect for storing an MP3 player or a lip balm.  This pocket has an invisible zipper with a tiny zipper pull.

There are thumb loops on the sleeves of the Longneck Top to prevent the sleeves from riding up. When my thumbs are in the loops the palms of my hands are covered which adds protection from cool temperatures.

Having a pull over top is not most ideal for me as sometimes I find that they are difficult to get on and off. The PDQ Longneck has a 10 inch front zipper that has a chin guard. The zipper has a pull tab that is easily grasped to open and close the zipper. The opening of the shirt is large enough that I can easily remove it and put it on without squirming.

I received the PDQ Longneck in a size medium and it fits perfectly and true to size. I used the sizing chart on the manufacturer’s website to determine which size would fit me best.

The ISIS PDQ Longneck material content is 90% polyester and 10% spandex with Evaporator Technology. The inside of the top has velour-fleeced macrofiber yarns that are designed to provide warmth and draw moisture away from the skin. The outside of the top is made from microfiber yarns that resist abrasion and disperse moisture across a wide surface for quick drying. I am curious to see if the flat seam construction helps prevent chaffing.

Care of the ISIS PDQ:  Machine wash separately in cold water, gentle cycle, do not bleach, tumble dry low, and cool iron if needed.

Update:ISIS Women’s PDQ Longneck Top 2/17/12

The ISIS PDQ Longneck Top has been great to wear the past month after biking and while enjoying fitness hikes/walks during our cooler Southern California days and evenings. This top is so comfortable! The outer material is soft and silky and the inner lining is soft and fuzzy. Not only is this top comfortable, but it also looks great! I love the detail in the stitching and how the top is pieced together. I can wear this top to work and it would still be fashionably appropriate. Over the past month I got many complements on the fit and the styling of this top.

The PDQ Longneck Top has been worn over a sports bra and a lightweight silk top. I have layered a lightweight wind breaker over the top on windy days when the temperatures were below 50 F. The sleeves are long enough that my wrists are protected from the cold air and the thumb loops even offer more protection and keep the sleeves in place with no chance of riding up. When using the thumb loops I can even wear mittens with no concern of my wrists being exposed.

This top kept me plenty warm while enjoying the outdoors during fitness walks/hikes while the temperatures were in the 50-60 F range. When the temperatures are below 50 F, I am slightly chilled in this top and I feel warmer with a light windbreaker layered over it. Above 60 F I begin to get a little warm in this top while exercising, but if I am not exercising this top was not too warm in these temperatures.

The top has been washed in a front loading washing machine and air dried. There is no stretching, pilling, or fuzzing of the fabric and the reflective accents are still intact. After a few washings the top still looks like new.

Update: ISIS Women’s PDQ Longneck Top 3/21/12

The ISIS PDQ Top has been worn while walking on the beach path and while participating in fitness hikes. The top has also been worn during one road bike ride and after my rides to keep me toasty warm. The PDQ Top is also stylish enough to wear to work and while running errands. The PDQ Top has been layered over silk base layers and light weight wool tops. And there are times I only wore a sports bra underneath. I have also layered a pull over quilt type of jacket over the PDQ Top when the temperatures were in the low 40’s.

This top is so comfortable. The inner lining is soft against my skin and the silky outer material is soft to the touch. This top is also stylish with the accents and the detailed stitching. Even while carrying a pack the PDQ Top is comfortable. There was no chaffing on my skin where the backpack straps would rub on my shoulders.

The PDQ Top is a great layer for hiking and walking in cooler weather. It is perfect for when you are breaking a sweat in temperatures 40-60 degrees. When it is around 55-65 degrees this top is perfect for running errands and activities that I am not sweating. If I am not working out I need another layer when the temperature dips below 55 degrees. Also if there is a cool wind the PDQ Top is best layered under a shell as the cool wind penetrates through the fabric.

I love the thumb loops on the sleeves. These loops allow me to place my thumbs through to prevent the sleeves from riding up, helps keep my palms warm, and are handy while layering with a pullover jacket. I also like the invisible zippered pocket on the sleeve to store my keys and or my MP3 player. This pocket is also great to store a small sized snack.

I generally prefer full zipped tops, but honestly I do not mind this design. The zippered opening is large enough for me to get the PDQ Top on and off without struggling. Also the 10 inch zipper adds a more flattering design to the top.

The top has washed well with no fuzzing of the material, unraveling of the stitching, and pulled fabric threads. All the zippers are still functioning as new and the reflective detailing is still intact. Actually the top still looks like new! I have brushed up against some vegetation (shrubs) while wearing this top and I am happy to say that there was no damage to the fabric. I have air dried the top and it dries overnight every time.

This is a comfortable and really stylish top to wear while enjoying the outdoors. I plan to wear it on many more outings.

ISIS makes outdoor performance clothing geared towards women. The PDQ Longneck Top retails for $99.00 and is available in Black, Moroccan (blue), and Glamour (pink). For more information please visit



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