PATH projects Muir Cap

By Jason B.

Muir Cap
PATH projects Muir Cap. Photo courtesy of their website.

PATH projects is a new company formed in 2015 after the founder, Scott Bailey had spent years running but had been unsatisfied with apparel offered by other companies, especially shorts. The foundation of PATH projects is simple – highest quality apparel, direct to consumer and their foundation piece is their layering system for their shorts – a separate liner and short for the perfect combination. They offer liner and regular shorts, short and long sleeve shirts and various hats.  This review will focus on the Muir Cap.  I am also reviewing the Tahoe CL 5” baseliner and the Sykes PX short and the Cascade SS T-shirt and you can find them by selecting their respective link.

I am bald, so a hat is a must for any time outside, which is why I was excited when the Muir Cap from PATH projects was available for review.  The Muir cap is a standard five panel hat.  One of the things that sets it apart is the 94 2mm laser cut holes for venting in the top and sides of the hat.  Other features of the hat are a moisture wicking undervisor fabric, crushable eva visor, reflective front logo and a stretch and moisture wicking athletic sweatband. The hat is made in Bangladesh and retails for $24.

The fabric on the hat is soft and getting the right fit is easy with the Velcro closure on the back of the cap.  The eva visor holds a slightly curved shape but it won’t hold a curved or a flat shape. That being said I like that it is crushable and will return to its original shape with minimal fluffing.

I really only have one major criteria when I pick a hat to wear – is it comfortable? If it is not comfortable then I won’t wear it.  Running for hours on end, I won’t wear a hat this is not comfortable.  I will also be looking to see if the moisture wicking sweatband and undervisor do a good job keeping the sweat out of my eyes while running. I will also be looking to see if the headband starts to smell after long hot summer days.

This concludes my initial thoughts, check back in about a month for my update.

Thanks to and PATH projects for providing the product for this review.