Sealskinz All Weather Gloves

By Jason B.

First Update Sealskinz All Weather Gloves April 2020

Misty Rainy Day on the AT in Maryland

I have used the Sealskinz All Weather Gloves on the following trips: morning walks to the Metro from my house for my daily commute before I started full time telework; on an all day hike in Shenandoah National Park; backpacking and hiking on the AT in Maryland and Virginia; and while hiking on local trails near my house. Weather has ranged from temperatures in the low 30s and wind chills in the teens on the Shenandoah hike, to 40s mist/fog with high winds on an exposed dayhike on the Maryland AT to the 50+s on a couple of the backpacking trips.  I have also worn them on hikes in the rain.  Overall, I have over 50 “miles” of use with the gloves.

As I mentioned in my initial thoughts, I am reviewing the gloves on functionality, durability and waterproofness.  Functionality has been great so far. The gloves were stiff when I first wore them, but after a few uses, they softened right up.  Now they conform to my hands well, and don’t feel tight at all.  A size large was definitely the right choice.

I found that the gloves do a nice job of keeping my hands warm.  The gloves work well for me at temperatures from 50F and below.  During high aerobic activities, I found that my hands warmed up very quickly, and since I did not want to sweat in the gloves, I would usually take them off and shove them in a pocket until my hands started to cool down.  Then I would put the gloves back on.  This helped me regulate my body and hand temperature pretty well.

The pre-curved fingers provide pretty decent dexterity. I can generally set up a tent and prep my sleeping bag and sleeping pad.  I found them a little too thick to work the small gas valve on my stove or other fine instruments.

One area that could be improved is the fleece thumb wiper.  It is on the smaller size, and I find that I catch my nose on the suede material AND the fleece. I really like this feature because cold weather makes everyone’s nose run. I think the thumb wiper needs to be much larger, and I would sacrifice some of the potential durability by making the fleece thumb wiper larger.

The durability of the gloves has been good so far.  They look brand new, even though they have lots of miles gripping trekking poles, and being used to break twigs and branches for campfires.

My final characteristic that look for is waterproofness.  I have worn them in light rain, and they have kept my hands dry.  I also found that they are very windproof which is expected if they are waterproof.  Since I did not have many rainy days, I did wear them and run them under the bathroom faucet and had the same result – dry hands.

This concludes my first update.  Please check back in a month for my final thoughts.



All Weather Glove
Sealskinz All Weather Glove – photo courtesy of Sealskinz


Sealskinz is a British company that makes a variety of outdoor accessories – gloves, socks and hats. The majority of their products are waterproof including the gloves that I will be reviewing – the All Weather Gloves.

According to Sealskinz the All Weather Gloves are “A rugged, lightweight and technical waterproof glove. Offering a balance of warmth and breathability. Perfect for a variety of activities and weather conditions.”  Sealskinz goes on the describe that the gloves are pre-curved for enhanced dexterity, have a PU suede palm to enhance grip and durability, and include a fleece covered thumb wiper.

My initial impression of the glove is positive. Sealskin has a thorough list for measuring your hand so that you wear the right glove size.  I followed their directions which said I needed a large glove and that is the size that I received.  The glove fits well, but is a little stiff. I expect that as I wear them that they will become more flexible.

Not mentioned in the description is the elastic cuff with a hook and loop closure and a pull tab to help put the gloves on.

The gloves are definitely lightweight which should make them perfect as my everyday glove.  I have broken the pinkie finger on both of my hands and they tend to get cold before the rest of my hand does, so I wear gloves even in mild weather. Most mornings, I walk two miles from my house to the Metro, and gloves are a must for me on this walk.

I will look for the following characteristics in the Sealskinz All Weather Gloves as I review them over the next couple of months – Functionality, Durability, and Waterproofness.

Thanks to and Sealskinz for the opportunity to participate in this test.