Sherpa Adventure Gear Khumbu Pants

Sherpa Adventure Gear Khumbu Pant

Review by Coy Starnes

Khumbu pant
       front view of Khumbu pant (color listed as Saang Brown)
The Khumbu pants from are designed to be ready for any adventure.  They are constructed with easy care and freedom of movement in mind.  I could list the features but I’ll just list what the website says.
  • Four-way stretch fabric with a high nylon content and DWR (durable water-resistant) finish is tough, lightweight, quick-to-dry and easy to wash
  • Seams are placed away from hips to avoid chafing under pack belt or harness
  • Gusseted crotch and articulated knees accommodate greater mobility and comfort
  • Pockets: Zippered hand pockets are set off of the hips to avoid chaffing under a harness and pack belt; thigh pocket zips shut to secure essentials
  • Lined in tricot for against-the-skin comfort, the waistband has low profile belt loops for a bulk-free look and feel
  • With a UPF rating of 50+ this garment will give you excellent control over your overall level of UV exposure
  • Weight: 350 g. (12.5 oz.)
On thing not mentioned in the features above is the size choices available, specifically when it comes to the length of the inseam.  I often find pants I really like but can’t wear them because the length is way too long.  It is refreshing to see that these pants are offered in short as well as regular and long versions.  I have no idea the inseam length of the regular and long but the short appears to be approximately 29 inches in my size 38 pants.  The 38 in waist is also accurate in my opinion.  I say this because most of my pants the fit me well are size 38 but I have a couple of 40s that are tight in the waist.  I mention this mainly because this type information is very important when ordering anything online.
I don’t generally wear long pants in the summer unless necessary but these appear to be suitable for summer wear with the light weight quick drying fabric used.  Another attribute I find interesting is the DWR finish.  I know they are not intended as rain pants but I look forward to seeing if they will keep me dry in light sprinkles.
Trying them on
As I’ve already indicated, the 38 waist with the short inseam fit me very well.  What this doesn’t tell is that the pants are super comfortable.  I’m sure the 4-way stretch fabric has a lot to do with this but they are about as close to a perfect fit as I could imagine, short of having a pair tailor made.  After putting them on I did a few mobility test like deep squats and putting one leg on my waist high porch in a hamstring stretch.  I was impressed with just how easy I could move in the pants. It was 88 and sunny when I tried them out and I found the were just fine (cool wise) for walking around in the yard and the few exercises I did in them.
Khumbu pant
                        back view of the Khumbu pant
Care instructions and warrantee
The care instructions are provided on a tag inside the pants.  They say; Machine wash cold with like colors. Do not bleach. Do not use fabric conditioners. Tumble dry low.  Do not iron.  Do not dry clean.  The warrantee says; Sherpa Adventure Gear products are fully warranted against defects in materials and craftsmanship.  If for any reason a product should fail we will repair or replace the product.  One last note, these pants have the bluesign certification.  This simply means they are produced in an environmentally friendly way, with safe and sustainable production of the textiles used in this garment.
That’s about all I can say for now.  Please check back for my next update to see how they fare as my adventure pants.
Update: December 11, 2018

Khumbu Pant

I’ve have now worn the Khumbu pants on 2 backpacking trips, numerous day hikes and even a few bike rides.  I also wore them at home while doing some exercises out in the yard.  The first thing I’ve noticed about the pants is how comfortable they are.   And I do mean comfortable.  I’d put them right up there with my sweat pants.   I even slept in them in my hammock on the two overnight hikes.  When I was working out I would do body weight exercises like hindu squats, as well as several animal moves like the crab walk and bear crawl.  I may not look very graceful and I’m certainly not very flexible but the pants were not at fault.
As a hiking pant they excelled.  I’m sure the 4-way stretch material is the main reason they are so good for hiking, especially hiking up steep sections of trail.  I’ve worn pants that I could actually feel resistance when hiking uphill but the Khumbu are cut in such a manner that even though they are not loose fitting they bend in the knees and expand in the thighs enough to make them super comfortable.
The pants felt a little thin when I got them and I was worried they might not hold up very well but that has proven to be a none issue.  The one thing I can say is that the thin material is a little cooler than most of my pants so I had to walk a little fast to warm up on some of my colder hikes.  Once it was 28 F when I hiked to the holler and on the mile hike down my legs felt a little chilly.  However, this proved to be a good thing on my hike back which is mostly uphill and I was warm but not hot in the pants.  Even on my warmer hikes earlier this fall they were fine on days when I would have normally worn shorts.  I’m not sure how well they will work over thermal bottoms since they are a little snug but I I lost a few pounds it would help.  Or I could go up a size for winter pants. Fortunately, Alabama winters are not normally cold except for a few cold snaps.  Low 20s are pretty common but single digit temperatures are rare.  Last year it was 3 F on one occasion and 9 F on another.  On the other hand, it can be damp and rainy for weeks on end which feels colder than it really is.  I’ve only worn them in light sprinkles a few times but the pants did keep my legs dry.  However, I would like to see how they would do in a heavy rain.  Maybe I’ll get a chance to find out before the test ends.
I haven’t used the pockets a lot but they were fine for my keys, knife and phone.  I usually put my phone in the left side (there isn’t a right side) thigh pocket.  I wouldn’t mind the hand pockets having a bigger opening and being a little deeper but they are Ok as is.  I haven’t used the single rear pocket but the zippered closure would be reassuring for security if I carried a wallet back there.
I’ve washed  the pants three times so far, usually after several wearings. They were not really dirty but after several hard hikes they would develop a slight smell that a good washing took care of.  I actually didn’t follow the care instructions to the letter but washed them with whatever else needed washing and also using warm water instead of cold. It didn’t seem to hurt anything and they have not shrunk.  I did line dry them though.
That’s all for now but I’ll end by repeating, I’m am blown away at how comfortable these pants are!  Stay tuned for my final update to see how they continue to perform.