GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station

GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station in use while camping at Grand Isle, LA

GCI Outdoor was founded in 1996 by Dan Grace who wondered “Why isn’t there a chair for this?”  The first product was the Everywhere Chair, and the company has grown from there.  They have six patents and ten more pending.  They have numerous chairs for every type of situation and have branched out to make two folding tables and two cook stations.  Their website is easy to use and clutter free.

The GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station is the perfect addition to any car camping, picnic, or tailgating event.  It features GCI Outdoor’s patent-pending Slim-Fold Technology that allows it to fold down into one piece for easy set up and transport.  The Master Cook Station is filled with features including an extended aluminum tabletop that measures 56” long and 15.5” wide, three fold out multi-use plastic side tables that are 14” long by 15” wide.  Each side table has beverage holders, a paper towel holder and even a trash bag hook.  There is a lantern pole, and even a sink to wash dishes. There is a wire storage area under the aluminum tabletop. According to GCI Outdoor the Master Cook Station weights 23 pounds and retails for $120.

Master Cook Station

GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station in use at Buccaneer State Park, Mississippi

I like organization and I find it lacking when I car camp. At state parks there is usually only a single picnic table and I usually try to park my truck where I can use the tailgate, but I still lack space.   I think the Master Cook Station will fill a niche for me and help me have a more organized campsite.

When it arrived, I opened the box and put it together without reading the instructions.  It is a simple design, and I had it put together the first time in about three minutes.  It basically unfolds and the wire storage rack locks the main portion of the table in place, and then I fold out the extended table top portion and the legs.  After that I am able to fold out the side tables as needed.

Master Cook Station

GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station Thumb Tabs

Each of the tables and the leg supports have a lock to hold them firmly in place and a thumb tab on the supports to easily release the supports to fold the tables and legs up. GCI Outdoor thought of everything by including a rope loop and a knob that keeps the cook station flat when folded.

Master Cook Station

GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station – Tie Back to hold table flat when folded

I will look for the following characteristics while reviewing the Master Cook Station – organizational/usefulness and durability.  Does the Master Cook Station help me better organize my campsite or does it just take up space?  Is the cook station durable?  Will it hold my stove, cooking gear, pots?  The side tables are plastic – do they hold up to constant use?  These are just a few of the questions I will consider as I review the Master Cook Station.

This concludes my initial review, thanks for reading.

Special thanks to 4alloutdoors.org and GCI Outdoor for supplying the Master Cook Station for this review.