gosh! Dripo Cold Brew Coffee System

gosh! Dripo Cold Brew Coffee System

gosh! Dripo Cold Brew Coffee System

Let me start off by saying that my husband is the gear tester in our house. I’m NOT an outdoor person, and my idea of camping out involves room service! But I do like coffee, especially iced, cold-brew coffee, so when the opportunity to test a new cold brew system occurred, I strongly encouraged him to let me test it.  I will be looking at ease of use, flavor of coffee as well as the cost of using the system.

The gosh! Dripo arrived in a carton that looked like a cardboard milk jug, and consists of 4 separate pieces: the lid, the water reservoir, the coffee chamber with stainless steel filter, and the travel mug. All the pieces screw together to brew the coffee, and then the water reservoir and the coffee chamber can be easily disconnected from the travel mug so you can take your coffee with you on the go. The package also came with a starter set of filters, which are available to purchase separately.

Dripo originally started as a Kickstarter, and is now available on their website www.getdripo.com for $34.95, and a pack of 50 filters for $4.95.

Pulling the system out of the box I did glance at the directions, which had pictures along with the description. I had to handwash the pieces because the directions stated they were not dishwasher safe (ding on ease of use!!), but other than that, I was able to follow the pictures and set up my system to start brewing the nectar of the gods. I used Starbucks Christmas blend because it’s my husband’s favorite and we stock up after the holidays, and added 30g to the coffee chamber. If you are like me and don’t know what 30g is, just refer to the measuring line on said coffee chamber. I filled the water section to the tippy top with filtered water to get the most coffee possible. I wasn’t sure how long it would take to brew, so I set it up the night before to be ready for the next morning.

The coffee came out a little pale, but it had a smooth bold flavor that was delicious. In my initial trial of the system, I used cold water, so in future trials, I will add ice to the water section prior to brewing to see if that changes the strength of the coffee. I will also experiment with adding different amounts of coffee. Along with the 30g measure on the coffee chamber, there are also 20g and 40g measures. Since I set it up to brew overnight, I didn’t time how long it took to brew the coffee, but the website indicates 1.5-2 hours. I will be timing this in future brews.

I look forward to many cups of coffee with this new system as I hone it to my personal taste.

Final Update gosh! Dripo Cold Brew Coffee System

I have used the Dripo Cold Brew Coffee System to make my morning coffee for the past couple of months.  My husband also took the system backpacking in the Black Creek Wilderness in Mississippi and car camping at Buccaneer State Park on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  I tried various types of coffee in the system including ground Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and Gevalia brands.

I like cold brew coffee because it is smoother, less bitter and less acidic than regular brewed coffee, and I was looking for an easy way to make cold brew coffee that is cost effective. As I mentioned in my initial thoughts, my first trial with the Dripo resulted in pale coffee.  It took several tries before discovering that I needed to get the grounds damp before starting. I also found that I didn’t need the filters if I moistened the grounds. This resulted in the system producing the dark rich coffee that I expected.  I found that I could easily fill the cup the night before and let it do its magic overnight and I had about 16 ounces of coffee ready to drink the next morning. If you happen to forget to set it up the night before, it does take 1.5-2 hours to fully drip through, so it does require some forethought.

My husband thinks the Drip Cold Brew System is also a great option for the outdoor coffee connoisseur.  He used it while car camping at Buccaneer State Park.  He set up the Dripo and left it in the back of the truck and when he woke the next morning there was fresh cold brew coffee ready to go.

He also used it backpacking in the Black Creek Wilderness.  He followed the same procedure but made sure to put the Dripo in his bear bag overnight to keep out any animals.  Everything on the Dripo screws together, but you do have to make sure it is upright so gravity can do its thing.  This produced great coffee, but would be challenging if there was not room in his bear bag.  The system along with the coffee is definitely a smellable and  needs to be protected from the forest creatures who may be interested in it.

Overall, I think that the Dripo is easy to use, but it did take some practice.  From a cost perspective it was $34.95, and it uses a bit more grounds than a regular coffee pot, but the coffee it produces is SO much better!

Thanks to 4Alloutdoors.org and gosh! Dripo for providing the product for this review.