Sport-Brella Flip-Box

I asked Sport-Brella, the makers of the Sport-Brella Flip-Box, if they would be interested in me testing and reviewing their product.  They said yes and I was eager to receive it.  Not so much for me but for my wife who does a lot of the grocery shopping and is always running around with a load of groceries.  She currently puts the cold items in a cooler bag but I have not been impressed with them if she is out more than 30 or 40 minutes.   When the Flip-Box arrived and I pulled it out of the box, I was really impressed on how rigid it felt and how flat it lay when it was broken down.  When the Flip-Box is broken down the dimensions are 23.62 in x 15.75 in x 3.94 in (600mm x 400mm x 100mm).  It easily unfolds and is put together by lifting the sides up and sliding the sides together similar to tongue and groove wood.  Once all sides are up the top flops over to make a very nice ice chest looking box.  It is very strong once it is put together.  It took me 7 seconds to take it from broken down flat to fully together without even rushing to do it.  It is very simple.  Once the Flip-Box is fully together, the external dimensions are 23.62 in x 15.75 in x 9.84 in (600mm x 400mm x 250mm).  The internal dimensions are 21.65 in x 13.78 in x 7.87 in (550mm x350mm x 200mm).  The weight of the Sport-Brella Flip-Box is approximately 2.5 pounds (1.1kg) with the load capacity of approximately 88 pounds (40kg).  The color is grey sides with black top and bottom.

Flip-Box folded up

Lift the sides up then the ends and its together, ready to go.

All put together in 7 seconds.

Sports-Brella Flip-Box

The Flip-Box can hold a lot of groceries.

Sport-Brella Flip-Box

Ready to go.


The Sport-Brella Flip-Box is made of Polypropylen-foam (EPP).  It is very strong unlike the white Styrofoam coolers I have had in the past that break the first time I use them.  This is built to be used over and over and over.  I see using this for years not minutes.  From the website – “Flip-Box® UL is made of CFC-free polypropylen-foam in different densities.  It is therefore a mono-material box and can be returned into recycling process without a problem. Polypropylene is free of heavy metal or hazardous substances as cadmium, lead, mercury or hexavalent chromium. The production process does not require any blowing agents which would be harmful to the ozone layer.”  It is good to know that the day I retire the Flip-Box it can be recycled and not thrown into the landfill.  The factory where the Flip-Box is made has technology and equipment that is modern and energy efficient.  They claim that their equipment is 80% more efficient than normal or older technology.

Not only is the flip box used to keep food cold without ice, it is made to keep food hot with heating elements.  I plan on doing my own nonscientific testing on how well the Flip-Box keeps food cold as well as hot in my next review but here are the results of the manufacturers testing.

I could not find anywhere on the website what the asterisks mean.

Insulation values


Loading material: spinach
Filling temperature: -18°C  (-0.4 F)
Ambient temperature: 23°C  (73.4 F)
Time: 126 minutes
End temperature: -12°C  (10.4 F)


Loading material: drinks
Filling temperature: +10°C  (50 F)
Ambient temperature: 23°C  (73.4 F)
Time: 600 minutes
End temperature: +15°C (59 F)


Loading material: pizza
Filling temperature: +88°C  (190.4 F)
Ambient temperature: 23°C  (73.4 F)
Time: 82 minutes
End temperature: +55°C  (131 F)

I look forward to doing my own testing on food and drinks.  I plan on using this for more than just groceries.  I plan on using it to take food and drinks to parties, sporting events and where ever else I need cold or hot food storage. My first impressions on the Sport-Brella Flip-Box are this is a well built, strong, long-lasting, easy to use temporary food storage unit.   The only negatives I found on it so far is the handles are shallow.  If I had a heavy load in the Flip-Box it would be difficult to carry because it would put a lot of strain on my fingers.  The other negative is the top center of the box where the two lids come together is the weak point.  You would not want to put a lot of weight on the top center.  These boxes are designed to stack on top of each other not have a heavy object in the center.  More to come in about a month.

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