ABUS YADD-1 Bike Helmet

ABUS YADD-1 bike helmet
Review by Coy Starnes
ABUS Yadd-1
The Abus Yadd-1 bike helmet is part of the Abus urban series of helmets.  In other words, it looks more subdued than the typical roadie or mt. biker might want.  To be honest, it reminds me more of a horse riding helmet or the ones I see skate boarders wearing.  It is constructed with a low profile and smooth edges which is actually safer in my opinion.  It is also designed with forced air flow technology that is supposed to keep the head cooler.  It features EPS foam core wrapped with a polycarbonate shell.  The helmet features removable foam padded strips on the top that can be removed for cleaning.  There is a similar pad over the chin buckle but it is not removable.  It also has a visor built in that can be flipped down for some sun protection similar to what a baseball cap provides. The visor doesn’t block my vision at all but I can see it when it is in the down position.
The helmet is available in small, medium and large.  The large I’m testing should fit heads from 58 – 61 cm.  The circumference of the helmet is non-adjustable but rather relies on a stretchy rubber strap across the rear of the helmet.  I am testing the large but my measurement (59 cm) was where the medium and large overlap.  However I have a round head shape and read reviews that the helmet is a little narrow so I went with the large. It felt a little big but I tightened the back rubber strap by running it an extra loop so the end keeper is now in the middle instead of at the end like it came.  If I just tightened them they would slide back to the original position.  With this slight adjustment it now fits very nicely.  The helmet is available in a variety of colors.
Abus Yadd-1
Trying it on.
As I already mentioned, the size large helmet fits nicely once I tightened the rear strap a little, and I must say, it is very comfortable.  The chin strap padding also feels good, something many helmets fail in once snugged down properly.  I then went on a short 8 mile ride on my trike in 90 F temperatures with high humidity too boot.  I won’t say my head didn’t sweat but I could actually feel air coming out the vent at the rear when I managed to get the trike over 10 mph. One thing I did notice was that on slow uphill climbs the plastic felt hot but would cool back down quickly once I headed down a hill.  My helmet is midnight blue, I believe a lighter color might be better as far as not getting hot to the touch.  Anyways, I didn’t mind wearing the helmet on this one hour ride.  I was very slow on the ride, I had worked a 24 your shift and slept till noon and got up feeling lazy.
Abus Yadd-1
That’s all for now, check back to see how I’m liking the helmet after a few months use.