Funkier Luciana Women’s Short Sleeve Jersey

By Jenn K.

The manufacturer provided this garment for the purpose of this review.

The Luciana women’s short sleeve jersey is part of the k Pro line from Funkier. The manufacturer states on the website regarding the k Pro line: “Satisfying the passionate and enthusiastic cyclist, the Pro collection offers designs that contour your riding position and aid to maximize performance, so you achieve your goals, whether training or racing.” The jersey is available in the colors mint and pink. I will be reviewing the pink color in a size medium. The pink color reminds me more of a dark pink berry color. The chest and the back is a pink and black argyle (diamond with V contrast) pattern with the sleeves, sides, and rear pockets being black. There is pink trim on the jersey and white trim above the pockets. The zipper on the front of the jersey is white. Honestly, I think a black zipper would have been more appealing to the eye.

Features: some from the manufacturer website:

  • -Rider cut
  • -100% breathable/moisture wicking polyester; bird eye front/back panel fabric; mesh underarm, upper back and side panels
  • -Underarm and mesh panels for ventilation
  • -SG6 loose fitted waist gripper
  • -Full length zipper with puller (YKK zipper)
  • -Three back pockets; one central waterproof zippered back pocket

One of my favorite features of the jersey is the waterproof zippered back pocket. There are so many times my cash or electronics have become wet while riding. Honestly, this is the feature I am excited to check out the most. I also like that there are three back pockets and they are deep enough to place my full hand inside.

The material of the jersey is treated with QUICK DRY Active Protection. The hangtag indicates that this treatment provides maximum wear comfort for all activities. It also states that the fabric structure of the material allows for body moisture inside the garment to escape outward.

The care instructions inside the garment state to machine-wash in cold water and to wash separately inside out. There is also indication to not bleach, not soak, not tumble dry, not iron, and not dry clean.

OK so I tried on the jersey and it fits perfect, without thus far being on the bike. I determined my size from the manufacturer’s size chart and the sizing is accurate. The zipper works well and has not become stuck or pulled apart. The initial fit is good and I will need to see how it fits after a few rides on the bike and a few washings. So check back next month to see how this jersey is working out for me.

UpDATE July 7, 2017

Right after receiving the Luciana women’s short sleeve jersey by Funkier I ended up having a back procedure that has kept me from exercising until the past week. During the past week I wore the jersey twice on a 15-mile road bike ride and a 9-mile mixed terrain ride. On the day of the 15-mile road ride the temps were in the low 80’s and on the day of the 9-mile ride the temps were in the upper 70’s.

I will say that the jersey is comfortable to wear and it also looks great on the bike, maybe because my bike has some accent colors that are almost dead on to the color of the jersey. The Luciana jersey does not have a tight race fit cut nor a bulky club cut. I would say it is somewhere in the middle. I actually have no complaints on the cut. Also, the material on the edges of the jersey sleeves is so darn comfortable and silky on my skin. I kind of wish the entire jersey was made of that fabric blend. The sleeves stay in place while riding-no creeping and the bottom hem gripper works awesome keeping the jersey in place. Neither the front zipper nor the pocket zipper has stuck nor has any fabric become stuck in either of them. Here is something interesting: During the warmer and longer ride there was some moisture build up in the jersey, mostly near the pockets from sweat, but it was not stinky. I found this surprising since some of my jerseys really stink after wearing from sweat. I thought the lined media pocket would be my favorite feature, but after use I am not so sure now. My key fob and my mp3 player stayed dry in the pocket, but I was disappointed that there was no media cord outlet nor it was not large enough to hold my cell phone. The pocket does make the right side of the jersey heavier and for the fact that it does not hold a phone I could probably live without this feature. I was thinking if the inside of the right rear pocket was lined as well that would protect my phone. I do love the deep pockets on the rear of the jersey and I am also pleased there are three deep pockets.

I have washed the jersey twice now in cool water/regular detergent and hung to dry. The material still looks new and there are no pulls in the performance fabric and all the stitching is intact.

That is all I have for now. I can’t wait to use the Luciana women’s short sleeve jersey on more and longer rides over the next month.

Final UPDATE August 13, 2017

The Luciana jersey has been worn while mountain biking and while road riding five times over the past month. The temperatures during the rides were in the low 60’s to the mid 80’s. In the warmer temperatures the Luciana Jersey did a great job of wicking moisture away from my skin. The back of the jersey was slightly damp after my rides, but not completely saturated. I still think the sweat proof pocket is a great concept and it is working well to protect the items I keep inside of it. However, I wish the pocket was larger to hold my phone.

I really like the way the Luciana jersey fit; not tight around the bottom of the sleeves and it does not ride up while riding. The rear pockets are large enough to hold my phone, snacks, and extra tube/CO2. I like that the pockets are deep, no worries about items falling out of the pockets. The zipper on the front of the jersey and the pocket are still working well. They are not sticking nor are they grabbing the fabric of the jersey during zipping.

I have noticed that the Luciana jersey has not become super stinky from sweat while I have been riding. I have some jerseys that absolutely reek. I have been washing the jersey in a top load washer without an agitator in warm water and regular laundry soap. I have not been drying the jersey in a dryer as I have been hanging it to dry. None of the stitching or the threads have become pulled, snagged, or undone. The color of the jersey is still vibrant.

I am happy with the Luciana jersey and I plan on continuing to use it. This is my final update and I appreciate Funkier providing me with they jersey.

The retail price is $59.95 and is available in sizes xs-2xl.

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