Icebreaker GT Road Bike-Women’s SS Rhythm Jersey

By: Jenn K.

The manufacturer provided this garment for the purpose of this review.

Icebreaker Women's SS Rhythm Jersey

Photo obtained from the manufacturer’s website.

Icebreaker has some new additions to the GT Road Bike Performance Sports line up. I have written about the Halo Short and another one of these fine garments is the SS Rhythm Jersey. The Rhythm Jersey is a form fitting, lightweight, stand alone garment for cool conditions. It is in the Icebreaker GT 200 line of garments.

Icebreaker is known for making merino wool base layers, clothing, and accessories.  The Icebreaker merino wool is naturally anti-bacterial to resist odor, is highly breathable, prevents irritation, and regulates temperature. Also the merino wool has a fast drying time.

I would say the Rhythm Jersey is elegant looking with its spiral pattern on the front and back. The jersey has just over a half zip, short sleeves, three rear deep main pockets, a tire pump pocket (inside a main pocket), a small zippered exterior pocket (outside a main pocket), and a hem gripper on the back (to prevent the jersey from riding up). There is also a reflective accent near the bottom hem on the back of the jersey. The Icebreaker logo is on the left sleeve.

I washed the Rhythm Jersey before the first wearing in cool water and I dried it on a laundry rack. While the jersey was wet I could smell the wet wool. The next day the jersey was dry, it was soft, there was no wool scent, and I was off to go on a 20 mile ride after work (along with the Halo Short).

Icebreaker Halo Shorts and SS Rhythm Jersey When I started riding it was sunny and in the mid 70’s. I was slightly concerned that I would overheat in the jersey. It never happened; I was comfortable and not chilled when the sun was setting. After my ride there was some moisture on the jersey from my sweat, but there was no stench.

The Rhythm Jersey is very comfortable and cozy. The merino wool is soft and not itchy. I love the deep rear pockets! I had them stuffed with my knee warmers, small tool, vest, tire tube, CO2, and some snacks. I found the small zippered pocket to be handy for storing my keys. Actually I love the zippered pocket! I was not worried that my keys would fall out of my jersey pocket. I do not ride with a tire pump, but I found use of the tire pump pocket by storing my Shot Block package inside of it.

Icebreaker Rhythm Jersey Update 5/20/11

The Icebreaker Rhythm Jersey is a nice addition to my current jersey collection and it is my current favorite. It has been worn 2-3 times a week for the past month in temperatures ranging from the mid 50’s to the mid 80’s. I have layered a vest over the jersey and worn light weight arm warmers when needed. I have yet to be overly chilled or hot while wearing this jersey.

Icebreaker Cycling Clothing I love the styling and fit of the Rhythm Jersey; it actually fits perfectly! The spiral design on the front and back adds some feminine detail to what otherwise would be a plain black jersey. The sleeves are shorter than traditional jerseys; this also gives it a more feminine appearance. I have gotten many compliments on this jersey; especially from the guys.

The deep rear pockets hold a bunch of stuff! I can stash snacks, bike tool (CO2/multi-tool  all-in-one), arm/leg warmers, MP3 player, and a vest. The MP3 player fits perfectly in the pump pocket located inside the left rear pocket. I have fewer worries about losing my MP3 player when it is stored in this slender pocket. Also it does not accidently skip to the next song or change menu settings since items are not pressing against it. I have yet to lose any items stored in the pockets while riding and I can easily reach into the pockets and grab what I need with one hand.

My car or house keys fit perfectly inside the zippered pocket on the right rear pocket. Sometimes I will also stash some money or a credit card inside this pocket. It has yet to become opened when I am riding. It is also easy for me to open and close it while I am riding; thanks to the large zipper pull.

The Rhythm Jersey is washing nicely with no pilling of the fabric or fading of the spiral design. I have been washing the jersey in cool water and hanging it to dry after every wearing. I noticed after my rides that the jersey is not smelling foul or like damp wool. I also noticed that the jersey is pulling the moisture away from my skin, because my skin is not clammy while I am riding.

Icebreaker Rhythm Jersey Final Update 6/27/11

Before The Little Red Riding Hood Century Ride

Before The Little Red Riding Hood Century Ride

I consider the Icebreaker Rhythm Jersey to be a keeper in my cycling jersey collection. Not only does it look great, but it is super comfortable. It has been worn the past month one to three days a week while road biking. Now that summer is here it is getting warm in Southern California. The temperatures are in the mid to upper 80’s now and it is getting too hot for the Rhythm Jersey. Even though the jersey was worn in temperatures in the 80’s; I prefer to wear the jersey in temperatures below 75 degrees.

In addition to my training and recreational rides, I wore the Rhythm Jersey during a women only century ride in Northern Utah (Little Red Riding Hood). It was in the upper 40’s in the morning and I wanted to ride light. So, I only wore my sleeves and no outer shell. I was not chilled once I started to ride. During this event I got so many complements on the jersey. Most of women commented on the spiral design. The jersey wicked sweat away from my body and there was no soggy wet shirt feeling against my skin. Also, there was no stinky jersey or wet wool smell while I was riding.

The deep pockets are great! They hold extra layers, accessories, pump (CO2 tool), extra food, MP3 player, and other miscellaneous items. I really like the zippered pocket to hold my keys. I wish all my jerseys had this feature. I feel more confident knowing my key to my house or my car is secure inside a pocket.

The jersey has been washed after every wearing in a front loading washer and hung up to dry. The wool is still soft and comfortable; just like the jersey is new. None of the zippers have broken and they are working without getting stuck on the track or on the fabric. The spiral design pattern has not worn, washed, or flaked off. The jersey has not faded nor become stretched out from multiple washings or wearings.

I plan on wearing the Rhythm Jersey in temperatures below 75 degrees for many road rides to come. I do not plan on using this jersey for mountain biking; mostly because I do not want to get the fabric pulled from brushing against vegetation. I also fall quite a bit and I do not want to ruin this jersey. Plus I think this jersey looks better worn on the road than on the dirt.

This is one of my favorite jerseys in my collection. I am a fan of the merino wool properties and the styling/design of the Rhythm Jersey.

The SS Rhythm Jersey retails for $130.00 and is available in Black and Mystic at

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