Bolle King Sunglasses

Part 2 – March 8, 2020
So after a couple of months of daily use, the Bolle King Sunglasses have held up very well. I’ve worn these glasses almost every day either driving, hiking, or out taking photos. One of the things I really like is how they lighten up the outside environment. It’s been a fairly wet February here, and I have worn these while driving in the rain. They are a golden color lens, and they seem to brighten the outside up. I’ve caught myself wearing them in darker conditions than expected such as sunrise or sunset. I tried to get a decent photo of how the lenses are yellow.

Yellow lens on sunglasses


They fit snug to my head, and the nose pieces keep the glasses in place well. I have an oily complexion, and the nose pieces of other glasses have always come off over time. So far these are doing great. The arms are snug right behind my ears and this keeps them on my head.

Bolle Sunglasses


I’ve really enjoyed the no fog lenses. Early February was pretty cold here. Morning lows in the 30s Deg F.  Hiking with these have not caused any issues with the lens fogging up. Later in February/March, its been middle 60s/70s deg F and LOTS of rain, over 20 inches so far. So it has been really humid, and this has not affected these glasses at all.

I have noticed they seem to smudge easy. As mentioned in my initial report, they have this oleophobic treatment. The smudges and fingerprints easily wipe right off with the cloth, but the smudges and fingerprints just seem more noticeable to me. Maybe it’s the reflective type lens coating. I’m not sure. I do not notice any scratches, and I wear them while taking photos, so my right eye is pressing up against an eyepiece on my camera sometimes.

Over all, I’ve enjoyed these sunglasses. They fit well, stay on my head, even when I place them on top of my head when Im taking photos, and do not fog.

Bolle sunglasses

Im looking forward to continuing to test and review them. I wear them daily while driving and am planning some more hikes in the upcoming month.  Check back in about a month for an update.- Brian T




Part 1 – Jan 28, 2020

Bolle king sunglasses







All photos Courtesy

Bolle King Sunglasses
Color: Matt Black Metal Brown
Lens: Phantom Brown Gun
Fit: Large
Retail price $120 USD

I am tough on sunglasses and always seem to scratch the lens or break an arm, or the nose pieces break off. I received the Bolle King sunglasses via UPS ground. They arrived in a small black box with the company logo and website printed on the outside, and a product label on one end. Opening them up, they came in a soft case with a nice cleaning rag. I have a large head so fit is always an issue with me. I wear a 7 3/8 to 7 1/2 inch fitted baseball hat. The King sunglasses are a large size, and they fit snug on my head.

All photos Courtesy website lists three specific technologies, Anti Fog, Oleophobic/Hydrophobic, and B-Clear NXT lenses. The lenses are not interchangeable, and I’m not really a fan of those. The nose pieces are solid and appear to be molded into the frame. I’ve had other milspec sunglasses with nose pieces that fell off over time.

All photos Courtesy

The lenses are this light brown color. Phantom Brown Gun is what the web site calls them. They have a slight mirror coating on the outside, and it says they are ideal for golf use. I don’t play golf, but since it says it “sets apart the greens and blues” it should be useful hiking maybe? The frames wrap around my head, and cover my eyes completely.

I was glad to see they were anti fog. When I received them they had been sitting out side in the cold for a few hours. I immediately put them on and expected them to fog and they didn’t. This is good as I leave them in my truck most mornings and its been cold lately. It will be good to test them in a strenuous environment where I sweat and its cold, and to see how well the anti fog holds up over time. The hydrophobic treatment on the lens says it stops grease, dirt and water before it sticks to your lens. Fingerprints and smudges really stand out on the lens. They packed a cleaning cloth for a reason right?

So far my initial impressions are I like these sunglasses. I’m not sure if they are Polarized or not though. The first block under the Anti Fog says this is available on all Bolle Polarized 8 Base models. But no where on the packaging or the web site does it say the glasses are polarized. They are light weight, have good clarity, seem to brighten up those low light events, and sit well on my face. Check back here in a couple of months to read my next review on the glasses. – Brian T