Bolle Slate Sunglasses

Bolle Slate Sunglasses

Final Update

What a strange month it’s been…

Our schools closed on March 13th, and I’ve been working from home ever since.  So, not much driving, which is when I’d been wearing my Bolle Slate sunglasses the most.  I have been going either early mornings, or in the afternoon on hikes, or long walks on the beach.  That almost sounds romantic, but it’s just me and my pups.  So, good exercise and the fresh air helps me not feel so claustrophobic.   It also helps keep the dogs relaxed so I can work without them needing me to continuously open and shut the door for them.

Things I’ve learned about the Bolle’s:

*They really do cut down on glare, especially off the water.

* I really appreciate the snug fit.  Not snug enough to be irritating, but they stay in place no matter what I’m doing.

* The Bolle’s do not distort colors like some sunglasses.

* I’ve had them a few months and there are no scratches or scuffs.  I try to keep them in the case when I’m not wearing them, but I’m also a bit clumsy – so the fact they resist scratching is a huge plus in my opinion.

I’ve been very satisfied with these sunglasses, and am very appreciative of the opportunity to review them for Bolle.  I’m usually all about function and durability – which these have, they also look good and are very comfortable!  Total win all around.

I’ll be adding more pictures as soon as we have decent weather, and someone here to snap a few line up.  Seems the days my daughter is off, it either snows (8″ last week) or rains (over and over…)


Update: 3/3/2020

Winter is hanging on in Maine, but we are beginning to see a bit more daylight. Since the sun rises in the east, it’s coming up as I’m driving towards the coast.  I’ve worn my Bolle Slate Sunglasses almost every day while driving.  The glare from the sun rising is very blinding, and I am so impressed with the reduction in glare and increase in visibility while wearing the Bolle sunglasses.

Most Saturdays I’ve been on the snow (or ice as it may be) and have worn the sunglasses then also.  I have to say, I didn’t realize how much glare there is from snow and ice, until there isn’t any.  These glasses have been great for cutting glare.  I appreciate the shape of the lenses, they are large enough that I don’t get the sunlight peeking through if I turn my head, but they don’t look like ‘bug eyes’.

A really nice feature of the Bolle’s is the snug fit of the arms.  They aren’t overly tight, but I can easily bend over without having them slide down or off.  I wear reading glasses, and find they don’t fit as well as the Slates.  This allowed me to prove how well they fit, by sliding down a hill and losing my footing as I rolled, twisted and turned, but the glasses stayed on.

Sunglasses Outside I pick a 3 year old up from pre-school a couple days a week.  He didn’t like the sun getting in his eyes, so I gave him an old pair of sunglasses to wear.  He loves when I wear mine at the same time.  They are our ‘Elvis’ glasses, because he also loves Elvis Presley.  So, we wear our sunglasses, and sing along to Elvis.  I’m not sure how that all came about, but it keeps him entertained on our drive home.  He will also tell anyone who will listen, that ‘Elvis is the king’.

So far, the glasses are like new.  No scratches, or scuff marks.  The clearness is really impressive, and its easy to forget I’m wearing them.

I’m looking forward to continuing to wear and review the Bolle Slate Sunglasses.  I’m hoping to get some more snowshoeing in, along with of course all the driving I do.  With any luck, towards the end of next month I may actually get to do some paddling.  Check back for an update in about a month.

Part 1 – 1/30/2020

I live in northern New England and work on the coast.  My drive to get home has me heading west, in the fall and winter that puts the sun in my eyes as it sets.  In the spring, the sun is in my eyes as it rises.  That right there pretty much has me wearing sunglasses year round just to drive.  During the summer, I wear them driving, hiking and definitely while on the water.

I had checked out the Bolle website before receiving the glasses for review purposes.  They have a very large selection of styles of frames and lenses, including prescription lenses.  People can choose between performance and lifestyle styles, Phantom NXT, HD. PC Polarized or PC lenses along with different frame styles and colors.

sunglass case

The Bolle Slate sunglasses arrived a few days ago, and I immediately opened the box, to check them out.  I was happy to see the sturdy eyeglass case first of all.  While soft-sided, it does have some structure to it, to help prevent damage to the glasses.  I have to note, there is a small piece of hook and loop fastener, that keeps the sunglasses in the case when it ends up upside down.

  The lenses are a very reflective blue when looking at them from the outside, but when wearing them, it is much less noticeable.  The fit snug on my head, which I appreciate.  I’d hate to be paddling and have them slide off.  I do wear eyeglasses most of the time, and that is a frustrating problem.  If you look at the picture of a top view of the frames, you will also notice the shape of the arms.  So far, that has definitely helped with keeping the sunglasses in place.


Bolle Slate Sunglasses
SLATE sunglasses, matte black blue/ HD Polarized Offshore Blue lenses

My hope is that they help cut down the glare while driving, and while snowshoeing.  I find that my eyes get very dry, and tired from the glare, so good sunglasses are a must.  The description below comes from the Bolle website, and describes the features and technology behind the glasses.


Product Description:

The Bolle Slate sunglasses are made with a polycarbonate frame, and contrast- enhancing filter (HD) lenses. The second feature of the lenses is a polarization technology, which reduces reflected sunlight. While driving, I deal more with direct sunlight, but while snowshoeing, or paddling it is reflected sunlight is more of a problem.  The frames have ‘Thermogrip’ inserts on the nose pieces and on the ends of the arms, to create more of a grip, and keeping the glasses in place.

Features from the Bolle Website:

  • Available with prescription lenses
  • HD Polarized lenses
  • Hydrophobic treatment
  • Anti-Reflective treatment
  • Oleophobic treatment

What I’ll be doing over the next two months:

My plan is to wear the Bolle sunglasses while driving, hiking and snowshoeing.  I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing any paddling during that time, but who knows, maybe we’ll have an early spring?  Check back late in February/early March for an update on how they are working out, and if they live up to the manufacturer’s claims.