Cébé Wild Sunglasses

By Jenn K.

This product was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of this review.

Cébé has been manufacturing sunglasses since 1892.  The company was small and grew to be successful with the manufacturing of helmet, goggles, and glasses for winter and water sports. In 2009 the company became part of Bushnell Outdoor Products.

The Cébé Wild Sunglasses (CBWILD2) that I am reviewing has a metallic grey frame with pink accents. This frame is made of TR90 nylon and is manufactured to be ultra-light; weighing 58 grams. This model of the Cébé Wild came with a zippered carrying case, with lens pockets for the extra lenses, and an attached carabiner clip.

Cébé Wild Sunglasses

The frame springs out slightly to allow for more room and ease when placing the glasses on. I also found this beneficial when placing the glasses over my cycling helmet straps.

The nose pads are made of rubber and are designed to be anti-slip and adjustable. The frame arms have rubber padding on the inside of the frame where it rests above and behind my ears.

The Cébé Wild Sunglasses have 3 pairs of interchangeable lenses. The grey flash blue lenses are Cat. 3 (8>17% TV) lenses are recommended for strong luminosity. The yellow and clear lenses are a Cat. 0 (80>100% TV) lenses are recommended for bad weather. All sets of lenses are suitable for driving and for use on the road.  The lenses are cut away from the frame to allow for ventilation and to help prevent fogging.

Cébé Wild Lenses

The lenses are easily removed from the frame by pulling the lens away and down from the nose piece while pushing the nose piece away from the lens.   To replace the lens the outer corner is placed in the frame and then the lens is snapped in the frame.  An optical clip for prescriptions lenses is also available.

It is suggested to clean the lenses with soap and water. It is also recommended to use a clean or a non-abrasive cloth to dry the lenses after cleaning.

The sunglasses are warranted for one year from purchase against defects and workmanship. They are not warranted against lens scratches.

I would say that I have a medium sized face structure and I like to have extra eye protection coverage for when I am road and mountain biking to prevent dirt and dust from getting in my eyes. I wear gas permeable contacts and it can be painful when dust and or dirt gets in my eyes and with too much wind my contacts could pop out. So far it looks like these sunglasses provide the coverage that I need. I wore them while road cycling and there was more ventilation than I am used to, but there was no contact irritation. The lenses covered my eyes enough that no dirt entered and I was protected from the UV light.


Update 9/10/12

The Cébé Wild Sunglasses have been worn the past month while road and mountain biking. Over the past month I have logged over 800 miles on my road and mountain bikes. Whew, what a month! I have worn the Wild Sunglasses on all my rides, including one night ride.

I have used both the grey flash blue lenses and the clear lenses. I have yet to wear the yellow lenses. I noticed that when I clean the grey flash blue lenses with soap, water, and a soft cloth that the lenses take some extra time to clean to prevent streaking/smudging. When these lenses become wet from sweating the blue color of the lens appears smudged. This does not impact my vision, it is just cosmetic, but others notice it when looking at me.

Wild Sunglasses During my ride from San Francisco to San Diego many of the mornings were misty or there was a light rain shower. The outside of my lenses had water on them, but the inside did not from what I could tell. I kept wiping the front of the lenses with the soft portion of my gloves and that cleared away the water fine with no streaks that hindered my view.

I am still surprised that these lenses do not generally fog up in normal humid conditions when I am climbing the hills. However, during the misty mornings my glasses fogged up slightly and it seemed as though this only happened on the day that the mist was heaviest.

I was concerned about wearing the Wild Sunglasses while mountain biking due to the ventilation opening in the lenses. I wear gas permeable contact lenses and it is painful if dirt enters my eyes while I am wearing my contacts. So I like to have an adequate amount of eye coverage. I am happy to say that no dirt has entered my eyes while wearing these glasses while mountain biking.

The flexible arms of the Wild Sunglasses are a good feature as they allow me to put the glasses over my helmet straps easily. Sometimes I feel like I am flexing the arms too much. However, the arms flex back to their original position. The arms have not caused any irritation from resting on my ears and the rubber prevents the glasses from sliding forward on my face.

The rubber nose pads/grips are comfortable and there is no redness or irritation on my nose.  I can barely feel the sunglasses resting on my nose as more pressure is disbursed above my ears.

The lenses are easily interchanged. At first I was nervous when putting in the new lenses; afraid I would break or crack them. However, the lenses snap in to the frame easily without much force and they stay inside the frame when placed correctly. It took me a few moments the first time to get it lined up correctly with the right angle for the lens placement.

The grey flash blue lenses block bright light/sunlight adequately while I am biking. Even when looking out to the ocean there is only a slight glare. I noticed that they allow enough light transmission that when I am mountain biking in shaded areas I can still see. However, I found that I needed to switch to the clear lenses near dusk. I noticed that with the grey blue flash lenses it is impossible to view my MP3 player screen. On my smart phone it is difficult to see the small notification icons, but I can view the larger icons with some straining.

Cébé Wild Sunglasses – Final Update 10/10/12

Over the past month I have worn the Cébé Wild Sunglasses while mountain biking, road biking, in-line skating, and on a fitness hike. These glasses have superb ventilation. I think that is my favorite feature of these glasses. The frames are easily removed and interchanged. And the flexible arms make putting them over my cycling helmet straps a breeze.

Cebe Wild Glasses Even in humid conditions these glasses barely fog up when climbing the hills. My other glasses get really fogged up so badly that I can barely see at times. The fogging of the Wild Sunglasses was minimal and most of the time there was no fogging.

The flexible frame arms flex out for ease of application and removal, but they flex back to their original position. I find this feature helpful when I am wearing a helmet as I can flex the arms to place the frame over my helmet straps.

I have used all three lenses that came with the Wild Sunglasses. They are easily removed from the frame and snap back in the frame with no struggling. I used the grey flash blue lenses while driving and while enjoying my outdoor activities in bright sunshine. My eyes are sensitive to light and the grey flash blue lenses do not leave me squinting in the bright sunlight. The yellow lenses were used in dusk and overcast conditions, and the clear lenses were used while night riding. I like the yellow lenses during dusk and when riding on trails that have a tree canopy.

The lenses cover my eyes well and only minimal dirt has got in my contacts while mountain biking. This happened while riding behind others as there was a cloud of dust and dirt ahead of me. However, on the road bike I had no issues with particles entering in my eyes.

The yellow and clear lenses look like new. However, I have scratched one of the grey flash blue lenses. This scratch looks more like an area that rubbed away on the outside of the lens that will not buff out. I always store the glasses in the case, rinse them with soap and water, and clean them with the cleaning cloth. So I have no idea how they became scratched. This scratch is about the size of a pencil eraser and does hinder my vision slightly. I may just need to purchase new lenses.

But, even with the scratched lens I am very happy with these sunglasses. They are stylish, cover my eyes well, have great ventilation, and block glare.

I plan to continue using these glasses on my outdoor adventures.

For more information on the Cébé Wild Sunglasses please visit http://cebe.com.



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