Ryders Eyewear 09 Adrenaline-Interchangeable VTX Sunglasses

Ryders Eyewear
Adrenaline-Interchangeable VTX

TINT: 15%, 47%, 99% VLT
PRICE: $59.99

October 16, 2009
by Anderson Bowman

While the song clearly states that the “Stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas,” I can safely tell you that the sun is just as big and bright around here.  This means that wearing sunglasses is an everyday event for me no matter what I am doing. Whether I am driving, hiking, fishing, running, or even mowing the yard, I tend to wear sunglasses of one sort or another.

This also means that I have pretty clear requirements when it comes to what I like to wear to keep the sun out of my eyes.  Depending on the task at hand, the time of day, and how high my activity level, I tend to have requirements for different sunglasses, or at least that is what I try and tell my wife.  In reality, I normally wear one pair till they die and the move on. My main requirements are sunglasses that do not squeeze my head and wrap or cover enough of my face to keep light from leaking in around the edges of the lenses. Both of these issues tend to cause horrible headaches and also mean that a pair of sunglasses is useless to me.
One of the things that interested me when I first heard about the Ryders Eyewear Adrenaline-Interchangeable VTX sunglasses was the interchangeable lenses that come with it.  When I opened the box I quickly found that they did come with three different color lenses that may allow me to use just one pair of glasses to do just about anything I want to outside.  Attached were the grey flash lenses and I found the orange and clear lenses tucked away inside the case that the glasses arrived in. There were no included instructions on how to change the lenses, but a quick search of the website provided me with online instructions on how to change the lenses in and out of the frames.

I noticed very quickly that the VTX sunglasses are light weight. Just from handling them and later from trying them on, they weigh almost nothing.  So far they have just been worn around the house a bit, but I can already tell that I like the fact that they weigh so little and fit so snugly on my face that I barely tell they are there even if I am actively chasing small children or pets.  This is a good sign since I like to wear sunglasses when I go trail running and I hate to have sunglasses on that with bounce or move around so much that I have to pay more attention to keeping them in place rather than enjoying my running.

Now all I have to do is get out and use these sweet looking shades so that I can see how they hold up to the real world.

A Tale of Three Lenses

January 4, 2010
By Anderson Bowman

I have been using the Adrenaline-Interchangeable VTX sunglasses for about three months now. They have been all over Southeast Texas and been used in just about every outdoor activity I have participated in over the past few months.  This includes everything from running, fishing, hiking, and driving to name a few of my recent activities.

The fit has been wonderful with these sunglasses. I do not like sunglasses that squeeze my temples too tightly and the Adrenaline-Interchangeable VTX sunglasses seem to sit on my face without gripping my head too tightly.   They are so light that I often forget they are even there, which is something I greatly appreciate.  A big part of the fit being good has to do with their weight. They are so light that I never notice them.  This lack of weight initially caused me to worry that they might just fly off my face during high impact activities like running, but they do not move at all. Once on my head, they do not wiggle, slip, or move around no matter what I am doing.

Another facet of these sunglasses that has grown on me is the interchangeable lenses.  While this seemed like a rather good idea, I was worried that after repeated lense changes, something would go wrong.  So once again I was more than happy to be surprised that despite what seems like daily (or several times daily) lense changes, the frames still hold every set of lenses very tightly without any wiggles or movement.

I do have to comment that I really like the versatility that these sunglasses provide.  I can drive or run in bright light with the grey lenses, I can do the same in low light situations with the orange lenses, and if all I need is eye protection I can use the clear lenses.  There are plenty of situations where I would normally discard my regular sunglasses at different times of the day, but with the Adrenaline-Interchangeable VTX sunglasses, I just pop in a different color set of lenses and keep on wearing them.

The clear lenses have gotten the least amount of use since my yard work days are gone as winter arrived, but the overcast winter days are a perfect time to wear the orange lenses while hiking or driving. I also like the orange lenses when on the water. I have worn the Adrenaline-Interchangeable VTX sunglasses on several fishing trips on various lakes and I love the amount of depth perception and visual definition that I get with these lenses with the light reflecting off the water.

My one lone complaint comes from the size of the lenses themselves. They cover all of my eyes, but on the water and other situations where sunlight can be reflected back into my eyes, I have noticed that some bright light does seep in from the bottom of lenses. The lenses are not large enough to fit down over or next to my cheeks and block this light from leaking in and this caused some distraction on several occasions.

Overall I am more than pleased with the Adrenaline-Interchangeable VTX sunglasses.  They are comfortable to wear and do a great job of blocking the sunlight no matter what the light conditions are. The interchangeable lenses make them very versatile and allow me to use them in many situations where I would need an extra pair of sunglasses to get the job done. From my usage so far I can honestly say using the Adrenaline-Interchangeable VTX sunglasses is like having two pairs of sunglasses for the size and weight of only one pair. That is very much a plus in my book when it comes to necessary piece of outdoor gear.

Check back later for more updates and if you want to discuss the VTX Sunglasses or other sunglasses, head on over to THIS post in the forums.

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