BlenderBottle GoStak

By Jenn K.

The manufacturer provided this product for the purpose of this review.

IMG_20150217_155623 The BlenderBottle Company has been known for the BlenderBottle Classic (I am also reviewing the BlenderBottle ProStak). The company has been in business since 2000 and was founded in Utah. The company’s message is to encourage a healthy lifestyle and have people more easily transport supplements, foods, and miscellaneous goods.

The BlenderBottle GoStak is a compact jar system that is designed to not be clunky or take up excess space. It is basically a cylindrical interlocking jar system that is designed to transport or store pills, vitamins, fruits, vegetables, nuts, trail mix, snacks, dips, candy, and anything else that can fit in the jars. I personally think the GoStak would be great to transport some toiletries and snacks. All the jars can be attached to each other and it does not matter what size or what order. They connect with a quarter-turn of the jar to the lid. The GoStak can even be placed inside a BlenderBottle for transport and storage.

The Starter 4 Pak has a removable handle that attaches to any of the jar lids. This makes all the jars more easily carried, transported, or attachable to bags/packs. The jars are made of Eastman Tritan (copolyester plastic), which is designed to leave the jars clear (no discoloration), and odor free.

The jars are freezer and dishwasher safe. They are also BPA and Phthalate free. The jars are also designed to fit in most car cup holders.

The Starter 4 Pak consists of the following: carry handle, one 150cc jar, one 100cc jar, one 60cc jar, and one 40cc jar. The 4 Pak is the only set that has the carry handle.

I had no problem interlocking the jars or attaching the handle to all the various sizes. The jars open and close easily and seem to be durable in design. I dropped one on my hardwood floor and it did not crack. What I found that is great about this system is all my supplements for one cycling race can be placed in all the jars of the 4 Pak and carried.

I am excited to try the GoStak over the next few months to transport my snacks, some toiletries, and my drink powders.

BlenderBottle GoStak Update 3/28 /15

The GoStak has been used for the last month mostly to hold my powder mix for my protein or beet juice drinks. I have also used it to carry nuts and gummy treats to work.  I found the small container to be the perfect size to carry pills and vitamins. I’ve been leaving the small container at work during the week, taking it home on the weekend to refill it. I pretty much found a use for the GoStak on a daily basis, especially to hold condiments for my lunch and small snacks.

What I like most about the GoStak is that I can carry all my nutritional needs for one bike race in the containers provided and they stack together without becoming lost or separated. I have a tendency to misplace containers and small things when I am packing. When the containers are joined together in the cylinder they are large enough that they do not disappear in my bag.

The containers fasten together easily with a simple twist. They have not become separated during travel or transport.  I like that I can separate other layers besides the top and bottom layer without having to separate the other containers. For example if I wish to access the second container I can do that without removing the top container. I just twist off the lid of the second container while keeping the top container intact.

I still have to try liquids in the GoStak to see if it would leak. I have tried moist items such as gels and food spreads; these have no leaked. However, I am happy that the lids do not open prematurely causing the contents to spill out when not intended. I have tried some toiletries (cotton balls and hair gel)  in the GoStak when I went on a weekend getaway. There was no leakage from the container holding the hair gel. The mid-sized container was perfect to hold my hair gel since I only needed a small amount for my trip. It was much more convenient than packing the entire tube.

So far there are no cracks in the GoStak and all the lids fasten and unfasten easily to the base. The GoStak washes up easily by hand washing. No odors from the food items have remained in the containers. The containers have air dried overnight.

BlenderBottle GoStak FINAL Update 6/11/15

The GoStak has been used over the past two months to transport mostly pain relievers, vitamins, supplements, and toiletries. The GoStak had limited used for about a month due to my confinement from a cycling accident. For that month I used the GoStak to only transport pills when I needed to go out.

During a recent cross-county vacation I took the GoStak with me to separate my pills, vitamins, and gel toiletries. Airport security did not inquire what was in the containers. I had to check my carry-on back for the return trip and I am happy to report that there was no leakage (from air pressure) from the containers that contained the gels. It is never a good feeling for me when I return home from a trip to find that liquids leaked in my suitcase.

The containers are easy to open and close without any force. It is also nice that the lids are interchangeable between the containers and the containers can be connected together in any order. Also the handle can be connected to any lid. The number of containers that can be stacked is endless. I am sure after a certain number this would be cumbersome, but it is nice to know that extra containers can be fastened to an existing set.

After washing the containers and lids that the powders, liquids or gels were placed in I could not distinguish a lingering scent. Also the containers and the lids have not become stained from any stored item.

I plan to continue using the GoStak as this product makes storage of small items compact and works out perfectly to store all my single day supplement powders for cycling events and races. This is a space saving solution that works great for transporting various contents.

The GoStak is available in the following colored lids: Red, Green, Blue, Pink, White, Purple, Aqua, and Black. The Starter 4 Pak retails for $12.99. For more information on the GoStak please visit

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