Cotopaxi Bangladesh Water Bottle

By Jenn K.

Don’t expect to find the Cotopaxi Bangladesh Water Bottle in retail stores. Cotopaxi products are available online only.  Therefore there is no retail markup and the company is able to offer higher-quality products.   Cotopaxi also gives to a humanitarian cause in one of the poorest regions of the word. The designation is tied to the product or product design.

Cotopaxi Bottle

Bangladesh Water Bottle

The Bangladesh Water Bottle is a 20 ounce double-walled insulated water bottle.  It has a standard mouth vacuum bottle design with a twist on cap.  The bottle is made from BPA free stainless steel and weighs 9.5 ounces. The bottle is designed to keep the contents hot or chilled for 24 hours. It is also designed to not burn ones hands when touched or held and not to sweat with cold beverages.

The Bangladesh is a simple design which is mostly grey in color with a band of color near the bottom resembling mountain peaks.  I was on crutches when I initially received the bottle and I was surprised that the bottle has not become dented and chipped from hitting against my crutches when I carried it.

The bottle has been easily cleaned with a bottle brush with no residual odor from my sugar free lemonade drink.  It dried overnight upside down on a dish drying rack.

I am very impressed with this bottle. The construction and design appears to be of good quality. It has a simple design and there are some exceptional features that make this a perfect water bottle for me. I was pleased that my water and sugar free lemonade tasted natural with no metallic or metal taste from the bottle. Two of my favorite features of this bottle is there is no sweat (even with ice inside) and there is no leakage when turned upside down.  I even stored it in a backpack all day in humid conditions and there was no sweating or leaking.  Also my hands were not chilled when I held the bottle.  I was amazed my liquid stayed cool an entire day and into the evening. The liquid was in the bottle for about 18 hours. I get irritated when I put a cold bottle in a backpack and the pack and or the contents become moist from the bottle sweating.

When this bottle is purchased the proceeds help to provide water to one person in Bangladesh for about six months.

Update 8/18/14

So far the Cotopaxi Bangladesh water bottle is working out great! I have used the bottle in my car, around the house, around town, at a lake, and at the beach.

I love this bottle for a few reasons.

Bottle not sweating with cold liquids.

Bottle not sweating with cold liquids.

First of all I really love the simple design and styling of this bottle. I am happy to say that none of the exterior paint has begun to peel off even after dropping the bottle a few times on my hardwood floors.

I hand wash the bottle and let it dry upside down on a dish rack. It dries completely in a day. When dried overnight there is typically only one or two drops of water inside. There has been no residual drink or soap odor inside the bottle. I have used a non-abrasive bottle brush on the inside to clean some powered drink mix from the bottom of the Bangladesh bottle. There has been no noted mold on the inside even after keeping drinks inside for longer than one day.

I really like that this bottle does not leak. I find it annoying when I buy bottles and they leak. The mouth of the bottle is not excessively wide that I spill liquids when I am drinking.

My favorite feature of this bottle is the insulating properties. Hot liquids stay hot and cold liquids stay cool. I noticed after about 5 hours the hot liquids are lukewarm at that point. Cold liquids seem to retain the temperature more and stay cool for 12 or more hours. There is still no sweating of the bottle when cold liquids or ice is inside. The exterior of the bottle is cool, but not cold that it is uncomfortable to hold. With hot liquids the exterior becomes slightly warm and this is not uncomfortable to the touch.

The bottle fits in my adjustable cup holder in my car for transport. It is a task to drink from the bottle when driving because I have to unscrew the top. I can keep the top off the bottle when it is not filled completely and leave it in the cup holder without toppling over.

Final Update 9/22/14

The Bangladesh Bottle has been used the past month at the beach, heated yoga, and at work for hydration. I have used the bottle with cold and hot beverages this month.

In the mornings I would fill it with a hot chai tea to take with me to work. I would consume my tea upon getting to work which takes about an hour. The tea was still warm. The chai tea is mixed with water and milk. There was no metal taste from the bottle nor did the bottle smell of chai tea after it was washed. Even with plain water inside the bottle I cannot taste metal. I also used lemonade flavored drink in the Bangladesh Bottle and the drink tasted as it does in a glass.

I was amazed that cool beverages stayed cool for hours in the hot sun at the beach and during hot yoga. The temperature in my yoga sessions is 85 to over 100 degrees. I was happy the Bangladesh Bottle was not sweating on the wood flooring in my yoga class, as do my regular water bottles.

Still after regular washing the paint looks like new. Ever after dropping the bottle there are no dings in the stainless steel. The cap still fully tightens to prevent leaking. I have washed the inside with a soft bottle brush and there were no noticeable scratches from doing so.

I hung the bottle from a pack using a large carabineer that secured the bottle via the cap to my pack. The bottle swung back and forth as I was walking. I could feel it moving. Good thing is the cap did not become undone. However, I am not a fan of hanging a bottle on the exterior of my packs since I can feel the bottle sway. I find it annoying.

I am planning on continuing to use this water bottle, as it is a favorite of mine. It will be the main bottle I use in the mornings to take my tea to work and for use during my yoga sessions to keep my water cool.

The Cotopaxi Water Bottles retail for $20.00 and are available in three designs (Bangladesh, Cambodia, and India).  For more information please visit


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