Country Archer Jerky Company

I am a Jerky aficionado!  I like it in all forms, and to say I was excited to have the opportunity to review some jerky from the Country Archer Jerky Company is an understatement.  Country Archer Jerky Company is a small business that focuses on providing high quality artisanal jerky’s made in California.  Read on for my initial impression.

Country Archer Jerky Company

Country Archer Jerky Company

Country Archer is a small batch jerky company based out of California.  They began in 1977, a very good year if I do say so myself, and have grown from there.  They make jerky and meat snacks with “healthful ingredients and protein options like grass-fed beef, antibiotic-free turkey, and pork.” Their website goes on to outline the benefits of their products, but what appeals to me is the following claims about their products: 100% grass feed beef; gluten free; no hormones, antibiotics, MSG, or nitrates; and that all their products are made in America.

Their website is a wealth of information both on their products and the company’s history.  It is easy to navigate and I especially like the information under the “Range” tab.  Here they feature stories on other American Made products, tips for following ones dreams, and even some do-it-yourself tips featuring articles like 20 knots everyone should know.  Overall the layout is clean and easy to use.

Country Archer offers two main styles of products – traditional jerky and meat bar.  The traditional jerky is what I normally expect jerky to be.  Flavored meat pieces made from cuts of meat.  Their traditional jerky comes in the following beef flavors: original, Sriracha, Teriyaki, Sweet Jalapeno, Mango Habanero, and Crushed Red Pepper.  They also offer Hickory Smoke and Honey Dijon Turkey Jerky flavors.  The meat bar or what Country Archer calls Frontier Bars are formed quarter inch thick bars.  They offer three flavors: Cayenne Beef with Pork, Herb Citrus Turkey, and Sweet BBQ Pork.

I taste tested the Teriyaki Beef Jerky and the Sweet Pork BBQ Frontier Bar to get a feel for Country Archer’s products.  The first thing I did with both products was read the ingredients label.  As expected based on their claims, there were no weird ingredients and I understood all of the ingredients.  The Teriyaki jerky had a nice sweet flavor, good texture and was moist.  It was delicious.  The Sweet BBQ Pork Frontier bar was like biting into a steak.  It had a nice texture and was easy to chew.  The Sweet BBQ flavor was very subtle. The flavor could use more pop.  I look forward to trying more of the flavors.

This ends my initial thoughts, check back in about a month to see what I really think of the Country ArcherJjerky Company products

Thanks to and to Country Archer Jerky Company for providing the product for this review.