Kuju Coffee Review – Initial Thoughts


Coffee. It’s a part of daily life and the cornerstone of many morning and evening routines. Coffee can also be a big part of the backcountry experience. I have vivid memories of drinking coffee in the mornings to kick off a hike as well as in the evening after logging many miles to stay warm.

The Company

Kuju Coffee was “founded by two Eagle Scout brothers” who started their search for a better coffee experience that could be enjoyed anywhere. Click here to see specifics on their story.

Kuju uses what they call “Conscious Sourcing” when procuring their coffee beans. The describe this as going even further than utilizing fair trade wages, but seeking out farms where they can “make the greatest impact.”

The Product


  • Each filter pouch = 1 cup of coffee
  • Brew time: 3 – 5 min

I will be testing and doing some field reviews of two different roasts from Kuju:

  • Bold Awakening:
    • Dark Roast
    • Earthy – Dark Cocoa – Dried Berry notes
  • Angles Landing:
    • Light Roast
    • Floral – Nutty – Citrus notes

Drip Mechanism:

Pocket PourOver:

The Pocket PourOver refers to the entire product from Kuji. It is billed as an all-in-one drip system that allows you to brew a cup of coffee in a variety of containers. All you need is some kind of mug/cup/etc. and hot water.

The Pocket PourOver can be best described as three different parts that make one whole product:

The Filter: The filter acts as a bag for the coffee grounds that has a tear off tap that you remove when you are ready to pour over the water.

Secure Steady-Safe: Cardboard flaps unfold to  anchor the Pocket PourOver system to your beverage container of choice.

Coffee: You can’t forget the reason why this product even exists.


I plan on using the Kuju filters on a couple of upcoming backpacking trips, as well as some other outdoor activities where I am on the go.

There are two things that I really like about this system so far:

  1. Pre-measured coffee: There is less concern about too much or too little. This is something that I struggle with when making coffee on our drip maker at home. I can’t ever seem to get the appropriate coffee/water ratio.
  2. Coffee Anywhere: Really, if you have hot water, and some kind of cup, it appear that this product will let me make a cup of coffee.

There are two things I am going to keep my eye on:

  1. Durability of filters before use: I’ve noticed along the top perforation of the filter that a couple of the perforations have opened up into a small hole. Also, some of the creases of the filter appear to be worn and a little thinner as if they are tearing/degrading.
  2. Clean up: I’ve used a variety of methods to make coffee on the trail. Some are a little messier than others and require a little more effort to clean up. I’m interested to see how the Kuju Coffee filters work in that regard.

Thanks to 4AllOutdoors and Kuju Coffee for the chance to test out this product. Keep an eye out for an update in about a month or so.