MACROBAR by gomacro

MACROBAR by gomacro

By Jenn K.

The manufacturer provided these bars for the purpose of this review.

I received a variety of MACROBARs a few days ago and I am excited to give them a try since I am a fan of the THRIVE Bars by the same manufacturer. On the packaging it indicates that the ingredients are certified USDA Organic, NON-GMO, gluten-free, vegan certified, kosher certified, Certified C.L.E.A.N./R.A.W. and soy-free. The gomacro company began in a barn on the family farm in Wisconsin. The purpose was to “help others live healthier lives in the most sustainable ways possible”.

I received the MACROBARs in the following flavors: Sweet Rejuvenation (cashew butter), Everlasting Joy (coconut, almond butter, chocolate chips), Balanced Goodness (granola + coconut), Protein Replenishment (peanut butter), Protein Purity (sunflower butter + chocolate), Prolonged Power (banana + almond butter), Wholehearted Heaven (almond butter + carob) and Protein Paradise (cashew caramel). The MACROBARs are also available in the following flavors: Protein Pleasure (peanut butter chocolate chip), Sunny Uplift (cherries + berries), and Morning Harvest (apples + walnuts). The bars range from 230-290 calories with 80-100 calories from fat. The protein content ranges from 4-12 grams and the sugar content is moderately low at 9-14 grams. There is no cholesterol and the sodium content is low ranging from 30-80 mg. Organic brown rice syrup is the main ingredient of the flavors I am testing.

These bars contain 15% plant based protein, 50% energizing carbs, and 35% healthy fats. The carbs are to fuel you up to go longer and are stored as glycogen in the muscles for when it is needed. The protein is to repair the muscles for recovery and the protein is plant-based with a combination of sprouted brown rice protein and pea protein. The protein is not chemically extracted and hypoallergenic. The fats reduce hunger and inflammation.

I wanted to look up the MACROBAR variety on the company website. The website looked professional and good contrast in colors. It was easy to navigate on the site and find information on this product. There are options for purchase as a single bar, a tray of 12, or a variety pack.

Each bar is 2.3-oz./65 g and when I looked at the ingredient list on the package I was impressed. Every ingredient is organic and I could comprehend what the ingredient was and I could pronounce all the ingredient names. So right off I can see that these bars are made of natural ingredients. I will be consuming the bars as a healthy snack choice between meals and out on the trail. There is no window on the packaging to view the bars. Through the packaging I can feel that they are not hard as a brick or super soft.

For more information please visit The MACROBARs retail for $2.89 each.

Check back in about one month to see how I am enjoying the bars.