THRIVE Ancient Seed Superfood Bars by gomacro

By Jenn K.

The manufacturer provided the THRIVE Bars for the purpose of this review.

3img_20161104_214741773_fotor I received a variety pack of THRIVE Bars a few days ago and I am excited to give them a try. On the packaging it indicates that the ingredients are gown and not made, they are certified USDA Organic, and the bars are NON-GMO, gluten-free, and made of plant-based protein. On the packaging it states that the company began in a barn on the family farm in Wisconsin. The purpose was to “help others live healthier lives in the most sustainable ways possible”. The THRIVE Bars are available in six flavors: Chocolate, Nuts & Sea Salt; Carmel Coconut; Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip; Blueberry Lavender; Ginger Lemon; and Almond Apricot. I will be reviewing all six flavors. The bars range from 180-190 calories with 90-100 calories from fat. The protein content ranges from 5-8 grams and the sugar content is low at 6-8 grams. There is no cholesterol in the THRIVE Bars and the sodium content is low ranging from 0-60 mg.

The bars are advertised as being Ancient Seed Superfood Bars. They are made from organic ingredients such as organic hemp hearts, organic puffed quinoa, organic cashews, organic sprouted flax, organic pumpkin seeds, organic apple fiber, and organic brown rice syrup. Some of the ingredients per bar vary according to flavor.

I wanted to look up the THRIVE variety on the corporate website. The website looked professional and good contrast in colors. However, it was difficult to navigate by needing to mouse over and scroll left and right to view products. I never did find the THRIVE Bars on the website, I tried for about three minutes and I lost my patience.

Each bar is 1.4-oz./40 g and when I looked at the ingredient list on the package I was impressed. Every ingredient was organic except for one, the sea salt. I also found it amazing that I could read the ingredients and comprehend what the ingredient was and I could pronounce all the ingredient names. So right off I can see that these bars are made of natural ingredients. Also by looking through the window of the bar packaging they appear to look hearty and natural. I can’t wait to give them a try. I will be consuming them as a healthy snack choice between meals and out on the trail.

Final Update December 17, 2016

img_20161119_191444_fotor It has been just over a month since I received the THRIVE Bars and I am sad to say they are all gone. They have been consumed as a mid-day snack before school, while mountain biking, and while enjoying a leisurely walk at Torrey Pines State Park. I found all the bars to be fulfilling, satisfying, and tasty. The bars gave me the energy I needed while mountain biking, hiking, and to get through my afternoon slump. All the flavors have a natural and unprocessed taste. I find it difficult to review food items. Taste is subjective and what one person finds tasty and another person may find it disgusting. I think the quality of the ingredients and the general taste of a food product is important. I like a product that tastes natural and not processed.

My thoughts on taste: 

Chocolate, Nuts & Sea Salt: This is one of my favorite flavors. The saltiness of the bar is not too much; it adds a unique flavor to the bar.

Carmel Coconut: This bar was not as flavorful of the others. I was not able to distinctly taste the caramel or the coconut flavors. However, the bar had an appealing taste.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip: This flavor has more of an unprocessed chocolate taste than peanut butter, which is perfectly fine. The two flavors were balanced well and neither on was overpowering.

Blueberry Lavender: This is my least favorite flavor. The bar has a scent and taste of lavender. I enjoy lavender scents (lotions, oils), but I am not certain about lavender taste. I was unable to taste the blueberry in this bar, as the lavender was more powerful I believe.

Ginger Lemon: This is my favorite flavor. The flavor of the ginger is not over powering and the par has a fresh, flavorful taste.

Almond Apricot: I love this flavor. It is barely my second favorite. The apricot flavor is fruity and reminds me of a summer day.

I will say I enjoyed reviewing these bars. I have noticed the gomacro brand at some local stores and I plan to try some of the other gomacro Bars.

For more information please visit The THRIVE Bars retail for $2.19 each. Check back in about one month to see how I am enjoying the bars.