Trail Foody Review

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My first review!  When I saw the opportunity to review a food item, I was all in.  As an avid trail runner, I am always looking for different nutritional items to help aid longer adventures.  Trail Foody does just that.  They base their platform on making it easier to focus on the adventure rather than trying to piece together what food and nutritional items you will need for the adventure.

We had just got back from a weekend trip to Chattanooga, TN and there to greet us on the porch was a package from Trail Foody.  I quickly brought it inside and opened the box.  There was a personalized letter from the founder.  How awesome is that?

Trail Foody Gear Food outdoors adventure

Trail Foody Letter

Inside was a bright orange bag with lots of different goodies.  There was part of me that wanted to dump it all out on the table but that would ruin the suspense.   I pulled out each item one by one getting more excited as I emptied the contents of the bag.  All in all, there were 9 items total (plus the really cool bag).

Trail Foody Adventure Trail Run

Contents of the bag from Trail Foody


Yesterday, our group, the Southeastern Trail Runners Podcast, hosted a 12 hour trail run challenge at a local trail in Bowling Green, KY.   We ran 2.4 mile loops around Low Hollow for 12 hours for fun.  I took a couple items from the Trail Foody bag with me; the Naked Cow Honey Beef Jerky and the Evo Hemp Mango Macadamia Raw Energy Bar.

The beef jerky was awesome.  I snacked on it several times throughout the day.  I ate the energy bar for breakfast and it was delicious.  I never knew I liked Mango Macadamia items until then.

I look forward to trying the other items in the bag over the next few weekends while running trails.  I appreciate Blair and Trail Foody for giving me the opportunity to review their products.

07/15/17 – Update

After a few trail runs, I’ve now had the opportunity to sample all of the great offerings in the Trailfoody bag.  After doing some research on the website, I found they do themes each month.  (Hint: July’s theme is Mediterranean if you’re looking to purchase this month)

I found myself in Springfield, OH on Global Running Day.  I ran 6 miles around the city which included running around Wittenburg University – a quaint little Liberal Arts College.  I finished off the beef jerky as well as chia seeds bar here.  The dark chocolate chia seeds bar was probably my favorite thing in the bag.

I consumed the rest of the offerings on a couple trail runs out at Mammoth Cave National Park.  One weekend, I ran to the Bluffs campsite over to the Homestead campsite and back to Maple Springs campground.  Pre-fuel was the Almond Cherry Bar and I snacked on the fruit snacks on the trail.  Post recovery was the Nut Butter Bar.  All three of these were good.

On a second trip to Mammoth Cave, one of the guys in the podcast and I ran Raymer Hollow.  I ran 13 and he ran 15.  While he was getting those extra miles, I was chowing down on the crackers and nut butter. The crackers were good but the nut butter didn’t really have a flavor.  I saw this as a plus.  This would come in handy on the long runs where you’re hungry but don’t really want to eat.

If you’ve read any of the last 4 paragraphs, its obvious I’m a fan of the selection Blair has put into the products he assembles for each month’s theme.  I’ve ordered July’s selection as I believe we’ve got a solid product here.

There is a discount available.  Use code 4THEOUTDOORS to receive 10 bucks off your first month. Order here.