Women’s Oofos-Oolala Sandals

The manufacturer provided these sandals for the purpose of this review.

By Jenn K.

The weather is on the cooler side in Southern California but I can still wear flip-flops in the day as the temperatures mainly are in the 60’s to the 70’s. So over the next two months I will be reviewing the Oofos-Oolala Women’s Sandals. These sandals have a traditional flip-flop design and are based off the Oofos Ooriginal Sandal. The difference is the Oolala Sandal has a glossy upper and is available in bold and fun colors.


These sandals are not a typical flip-flop they have many interesting design properties. First off they are made from a foam that is shock absorbing and even more absorbing than traditional foam. This foam is durable and is designed to hold its cushion for the life of the sandals. The foam is a closed cell foam type that is moisture and bacteria resistant. With the closed foam design the Oofos can be worn in the shower and placed in the washer. They are designed to reduce stress on sore feet, knees and the back. What is really impressive about these sandals is the footbed design. The footbed has an actual arch support that can be seen. The Oofos Sandals are designed with biomechanics in mind and lets the foot have a natural movement. They have a soft and conforming toe post designed to eliminate chafing. And lastly they are very lightweight, so light they float.

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I ordered a size 8 which concerned me some. It seems like my footwear sizing can range from a size 8 to 9. These sandals are not available in half sizes. Well I picked right! The size 8 fits me perfectly. So I would say these sandals have a standard fit. My foot is also a medium width and these sandals were not too wide or narrow.

I have a history of plantar fasciitis that caused me severe pain for over a year. So lately I have been more cautious on my footwear selection. I cannot wear a shoe, slipper, or flip-flop that is flat. I also wear flip-flops in my house all the time because I cannot walk barefoot on hardwood floors for any length of time. I will say that after trying on the Oolala Sandals and walking on the hardwood floor these sandals are very comfortable and arch supportive. My plantar fasciitis did not become irritated (and I can tell right away if it will become irritated from the foot position) which makes me very happy. The Oolala Sandals seem to have a thicker base than traditional flip-flops and I like that simply because I do not like a shoe design with minimal padding between my feet and the ground. The sandals look to be made of good quality and I like the design of the glossy upper. I think that adds some femininity to the sandals.

Update: January 26, 2016

IMG_20151225_201720 The Women’s Oofos-Oolala Sandals are very oolala. I love these sandals! They have a simple design, but look great no matter what clothing I pair with them for casual events, around town running errands, or around the house. I like the glossy upper strap as it adds some style to the sandals instead of just having plain rubber. I wear these sandals around the house daily since I have hardwood floors and a history of plantar fasciitis. Since I began having plantar fasciitis I can no longer walk barefoot. The longest distance I walked in these sandals was two miles round trip to and from the local store. Even after two miles my feet were not aching.

I find the Oolala Sandals to be very comfortable. They have enough arch and bottom support that my plantar fasciitis has not flared up. They are also more comfortable than traditional flat flip-flops. There is enough rubber between my feet and the ground that I do not feel rocks, gravel or anything sharp when I am stepping. The sandals have adequate traction on wet surfaces. A few weeks ago it was pouring rain in Southern California and on non-painted surfaces I did not experience any slipping. On wet painted road markings I slid some, but that can be expected since the markings are slick when they are wet. The upper strap has not caused any irritation on the top of my feet or between my toes. It is so comfortable I barely notice it.

At times some dirt or rocks get between my feet and the sandals. That is not a surprise as they are open sandals. I can easily brush off the dirt or dislodge rocks with a kicking motion.

The sandals are easily cleaned. I cleaned them with warm water and dish soap when they became dirty. I noticed that after two weeks of wearing them daily in my house cleaning them takes away any sweat odor on the footbeds. The sandals dry quickly when placed flat on the ground or propped up. The water is not absorbed in the rubber, as it is not porous.

Check back in about a month to see how the Oofos-Oolala Sandals are working for me. I will be wearing them daily inside my house and outside in the daytime as the weather permits.

Final Update: March 1, 2016

I have worn the Oofos-Oolala Women’s Sandals for just over two months. The weather in Southern California has been warm enough during the day that I could wear the sandals almost everyday outside. I have worn them in my house everyday since I have hardwood floors and I cannot walk barefoot due to a history of plantar fasciitis. Even though the sandals are a casual type they have a little bit of style with the glossy straps. This makes the sandals not so casual looking and more dressy; so to say. They are a little highly priced, but the footbed and the comfort make every penny worth it.

These sandals are supper comfy. I can wear them all day (I am actually wearing them now) and not have tired feet or irritation. They give me enough support when walking that I do not twist my feet or slide out of them. Also there is enough cushioning that I cannot feel debris on the ground when walking. The traction is still good and I am not sliding on wet ground unless there is wet paint. This morning there was morning fog and the ground was wet the only place I lost some traction was when I stepped on a painted curb. The loss of traction was very slight.

I have cleaned them by rinsing them with water and adding some dish soap. I propped them up in the sink to dry. They dry quickly. The black sandals do show dust and dirt quickly but these are so easy to clean that it does not bother me.

I am going to continue wearing the Oofos-Oolala Women’s Sandals until they fall apart. They are my favorite casual sandals!

The Oolala Sandals are available in whole sizes and retail for $59.95. They are available in the following colors for women: black/late, steel/cosmic blue, black/chrome, black/black, black/cloud white, black/crimson, and black/cosmic pink. For more information please visit www.oofos.com.