PUR Euro Shoe

The morning before my son’s graduation party, a pair of PUR Euros were delivered to my house.  I had plans to review them as after hiking/kayaking footwear.  I was intrigued by the environmentally friendly way there are made, and I wanted to see if they were as comfortable as going barefoot.


PUR Euro Shoe
Side view of the Euro – notice the minimal heel.

The PUR (part of Baffin) Euros are a flat, clog style shoe.  The top is a soft leather, with crepe rubber soles.  There are no ‘toe puffs’ or insole build up.  There is a very minimal rise in the heal area.

Euro Top view
Top view of the Euro. It looks longer in the picture than it does on my feet.

There is a strap that runs across the top of the instep  area.  It is adjustable, allowing it to be tightened or loosened.  I’ve worn the Euros with and without socks and have not had a problem with my feet sliding at all.

The Euro is available in Driftwood, Dark Roast (as pictured) and Azalea, in whole women’s sizes 6-11.


They are advertised as:

PUR’s Euro is the ultimate in comfortable and easy-to-wear footwear. Slide on and off so you can get where you need to go. It’s like walking barefoot because there are no counters, toe puffs, hard arches, liners or adhesives to restrict the foot. How can walking barefoot be bad for you?

I love going barefoot and do most of the summer.  I have found that after hiking or kayaking all day, my feet need a break from the confinement of shoes.  Unfortunately, its not always a good idea to walk around barefoot in areas you aren’t familiar with.   The morning of the party I slid the Euros on, and went out to walk the dog.  My first impression was ‘boy, are these flat’.  After about a minute, I can honestly say, I didn’t really notice them at all.  I left them on all day, and when I slipped them off, I was a bit surprised at that my feet didn’t feel tired.  I had been on them for about 15 hours, and they were fine.   I wasn’t hiking or doing anything to strenuous, but I was walking on hard floors and gravel.  I’ve had them on pretty much every day since then, and am very impressed so far.  This coming weekend they will get put to use as ‘after’ footwear.  I’m planning on camping and kayaking, with probably a good hike one day.  I’ll be wearing the Euros in camp, and seeing how my feet feel then.   I’m also curious as to how sturdy they are, and how durable.

PUR has made a commitment to manufacture their shoes in an environmentally sound manner.  Many companies are attempting to be more ‘green’ but some have found that quality can suffer.  The next three months will show how PUR did in balancing quality and ‘greeness’.

Information provided by PUR:

How do you make a PUR shoe? With five simple ingredients – vegetable tanned low impact leathers, recycled board, natural crepe rubber soles, latex rubber foam cushioning and thread. The result is a unique line of elemental footwear which is stripped-down, natural and chic.

PUR footwear becomes instantly broken in as there are no counters, toe puffs, hard arches, liners or adhesives to restrict the foot. The vegetable tanned leather conforms, breathes and moves with the foot for barefoot-like comfort.

“Our philosophy is to put into a shoe only what needs to be there, to keep the ingredients as earth-friendly as possible and to impact the planet as little as we can,”

Check back in about a month to see how the Euros and I are getting along.



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