Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots

Review by Arnie P

Baffin Sequoia Men's Winter Boots

Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots

Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots

Baffin provided the Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots for review purposes.
The Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots engineered in Canada, where cold weather in winter is no stranger, are some serious looking winter boots. Canada has long winters that start early and end late. A quick look at the boots revealed many features that I like. My first big surprise was picking up one of the boots because I thought it was going to be heavy. I was so surprised that I had to weigh it. Now I will describe this great looking boot.

Baffin Sequoia Men's Winter Boots

Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots

Features from hang tag

Temperature rating: 5C/41F to -50C/-58F

Midsole: Superlite TPU

Outsole: Superlite TPU and AirGrip

Liner: Multi-layer with B-Tek Lite

Uppers: PU coated leather and nylon Suede leather and faux fur

Product information

There are 2 colors Black and Black/Fioro Green. Men’s sizes are in whole sizes from 7 to 14. I received a Black/Fioro Green in size 9.

Measured weights with liners

Left boot: 715g/25.2oz

Right boot: 721g/25.4oz

Measured height from bottom to top rim of boot


The hang tag mentions a weight of 2 lbs per pair and that may be without the liners. The liners have a loop to assist in removing.

Baffin Sequoia Men's Winter Boots hang tag

Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots hang tag

Baffin Sequoia Men's Winter Boots

Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots hang tag


The lacing system consists of 7 pairs of loops and a single loop. Starting near the toe end is a single fabric loop centered on the shoe. Moving up the boot are 3 pair of fabric loops. The final 4 pair are metal enclosed loops. All loops are flexible and provide articulation when walking in the boot. The laces are self tying eliminating the need to tie laces. They look identical to other Baffin boots I have used and liked.

Heel and toe

The heel and toe appear to be well protected. I tend to hit the toe of my foot a lot and appreciate good toe protection. The heel has am impressive ridge. This ridge looks excellent for securing traction devices or snowshoes. I found my favorite traction device and tried it out. I found that trying to get my traction device off the Liberty boot was harder than the other boots I have tried it on. The ridge can assist in removing the boot. I will have more to say about that in my next report. At the top rear of boot is a loop to assist in pulling the boots on.

Baffin Sequoia Men's Winter Boots

Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots

Baffin Sequoia Men's Winter Boots

Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots

Boot collar

At the top of the boot is a fabric collar about an inch and a half wide. It has a draw string with a quick release like the laces. The other end of the collar is sewn to the top of the boot. This is like having a built-in gaiter.

Baffin Sequoia Men's Winter Boots

Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots

Trying them on

The first time I put them on it took some effort. They felt comfortable. The following day I tried them on again. They slid on with ease, so I wore them around the house for several hours. I did read on the Baffin web site the the liner is heat mouldable. Recently I found that if I wear new shoes or boots in the cellar when the pellet stove is running with the temperature in the 90’s F the boot molds to my foot in a matter of a few hours. The higher wear temperatures reduces the amount of time I need for a good fit. I wore them going to the cellar a few times when I was checking on my pellet stove. I was able to go up and down the stairs almost like being in my slippers. I was expecting my feet to be sweaty considering the high temperature, I was wearing wool socks and the temperature was about 40 F higher than the stated range for these boots. When I removed the boots my socks and feet were dry. This is a sign that the boot ventilates well.



I noticed that the laces seem to be a lot longer than I expected. I measured about 7inches of extra lacing. There is another loop in the same position as the single metal lace loop but positioned a little closer to the toe. This extra loop may serve to hang the boots or an alternative way of lacing the boot. I am looking forward to trying out these boots in the upcoming weeks.

Baffin Sequoia Men's Winter Boots extra loop

Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots extra loop

I wish to thank and Baffin for the opportunity to test the Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots. Please check back in about a month when I will have more to say.

Update 1-7-2016

I’ve been wearing the Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots several times a week. These boots are a lot more versatile than I ever imagined. During this period, I have been exploring the various ways I could use these boots. I am using them in more ways than I thought possible. These boots are a great improvement over the felt lined boots of the 40’s.
During the last month, the temperatures have been fluctuating in a matter of a day or two from above normal in the 60’s and low 70’s to below normal nearly as low as 0. Couple that with a moderate wind and the chill factor is considerable. The first snow storm of the season was nasty. It was a mixture of snow, sleet, and rain, followed by freezing temperatures. The result was about 4-5 inches of white ice with a base of snow. I have been able to walk on it and not punch through. This surface has been with us for about a week.

Ladder use

At age 77, ladder work is not my favorite past-time. When the storm mentioned above was over, I needed to clear gutters of ice. I regretted not cleaning them sooner last year. The ladder climbing and clearing the gutter was time-consuming. The good part was that my feet were comfortable and stress-free. I did have to be careful walking on the ice covered ground as I did not want to wear traction devices on the ladder.

Hiking in Harold Parker

I go on weekly walks in Harold Parker forest with a group of hikers. The days I wore the Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots the temperatures ranged from the mid 20’s to the mid 30’s. The trail was rough with lots of rocks, roots, and some leaves. The trails are rolling trails and seldom flat and almost all trails are single file. Adjusting to a higher boot was quick and easy. I will be using these boots more on these hikes. Because of the large size of the group we stopped a few times. This stopping after exertion is when my feet tend to get cold. Since I have been wearing Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots my feet have not gotten cold even during rest periods.

Baffin Sequoia Men's Winter Boots in Harold Parker

Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots in Harold Parker

Baffin Sequoia Men's Winter Boots in Harold Parker

Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots in Harold Parker

Other uses

My other walks are almost all local and divided into 3 groups. Walking the dog, walking to the local shopping center, and walking to a coffee shop. Actually, the dog takes me on her walks. My daughter tells me she is now a 3-year old 100-pound dog. The obedience collar helps but not that much. We spend 1-2 hours walking to the lake, in forested areas, and on the street. I find the most strenuous surfaces to walk on are the harder surfaces like rock filled trails and concrete sidewalks. These boots are comfortable on the concrete surfaces of sidewalks, and also on the rocks in the forest. It always feels cold when walking the dog near the lake which is often windy. The wind coming off the lake feels extra cold because of the high moisture. I can feel the difference on my lower legs in these boots because that part of my leg is covered and feels warmer than when wearing my shorter footwear. I was on a 2-hour walk with the dog and the temperature was just above 0 F. There was a slight wind, which felt frigid on my face. I was wishing I had some kind of face mask. I did have something for my ears. Turned out, I had no concerns about my feet. I was out walking to the shopping center the day after the above storm. The streets were bare, but the sidewalks had snowbanks varying from 1-3 feet. I walked on the side streets but once on rt 38, I stayed off the highway except for crossings. There were a few places where getting over the snowbank was challenging. Once I reached the plaza it was a lot easier. Climbing over the icy snow banks was a lot easier in these boots. The lower parts of my legs were warm and comfortable. I also did some snow scooping on my driveway. The snow was too heavy for me to shovel but I could scoop small amounts and move it off the pavement.

Loose ends

These are things I brought up in my initial review. The extra eyelet near the toe is for gaiters. I think these boots are better than my gaiters. I never thought of wearing gaiters with these boots. The laces are long and I tuck the extra length under the snow collar.

More on fitting

Now that I have worn these boots many times, I can put these boots on as fast as any of my boots or shoes. The taking off takes more effort. I found an old “boot jack” that my dad made in the 40s’. Now I can I can get the boots off without having to bend much. I’m liking that.

Our normal snow season is approaching fast. In my final report. I hope to have some new experiences to share. Meanwhile, I wish to thank and Baffin for the opportunity to test the Sequoia Men’s winter boots. Please check back in about a month when I will have more to say.

A Last Look 2-6-2016

During this period, I have continued enjoying my hikes in the Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots. I have continued doing the same activities as in the previous period. We had record snowfall last year, but so far this year it has only been a few storms with amounts of 4 inches or less. I did manage to walk through snow banks made on sidewalks by snow plows. I also wore these boots driving. I will now get more into the detail.

Local Walks

Many times after a snowfall the sidewalks are not plowed. The options are to drive, to walk on the plowed street, or to slog through the snow on the sidewalk. With other boots, if I walked on the sidewalk, I would get snow in my shoes, it would melt, and then my feet would get wet and cold. Before the popularity of cell phone use while driving I walked on the plowed streets without fear. Now I stay off the streets as much as possible. Unplowed sidewalks are no longer a problem for me when wearing these boots. The dog is liking the cold weather and she loves to stop many times to sniff the ground. She also likes going to the lake where there is almost always a breeze and having the extra protection on my calves from the wind is always comforting.

Harold Parker Forest

I hiked a couple more times in these boots when Harold Parker Forest was snow covered. Not only was I warm at all times, the traction was good. About half the group wore traction devices. I have tried my traction devices on these boots and feel the traction devices should be a size larger. Wearing these boots, I had no trouble with traction on the hard crusted snow in Harold Parker Forest, even without traction devices.

Baffin Sequoia Men's Winter Boots in Harold Parker Forest

Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots in Harold Parker Forest

Baffin Sequoia Men's Winter Boots in Harold Parker Forest

Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots in Harold Parker Forest

Other Uses

I did try driving in the Baffin Sequoia Men’s Winter Boots. I did make a small change to my seat. The trips I took were all under 20 minutes. I don’t think I would like to drive on trips that were much longer. A problem I have encountered when walking to the Plaza or going for a coffee is having my feet sweat while in heated buildings, and having my feet feel cold when walking back home. Wearing these boots, this never occurred in during any of my walks/hikes. I am not recommending anyone to try this. In the short video that follows I show my stability balancing on an exercise ball.


Despite the outward appearances, I found these boots comfortable and warm. They have good traction and are good walking boots. The felt lining in these boots kept me warm and provided a cushion when walking. When wearing these boots, I can now say goodbye to cold feet in the cold weather.

I wish to thank and Baffin for the opportunity to test the Sequoia men’s winter boots.