Bogs Classic High Handle Women’s Boot

I was beginning to think winter was not coming to Maine.  Daytime temps in the 40s, only two significant snows (end of October and then again a month later) and not even much rain.  December didn’t look like winter in Maine. While I was happy for a lower heating bill, I missed having snow to play in.  I enjoy snowshoeing in the winter to avoid cabin fever and get some much needed exercise.  Bogs has supplied me with a pair of Classic High Handles Women’s Boots for review purposes.  I have had the opportunity to wear my Bogs in dry, cold conditions so far.

They look similar to what we always called ‘barn boots’.  Mine are black and come to a bit below my knees.  The handles are great for putting them on quickly, although they are not that tight of a fit that it is a problem.

Description from Bogs:

  • 100% Waterproof


    Bogs Classic High Handles Women’s Boot

  • Natural hand-lasted rubber and a four way stretch inner bootie
  • Constructed with 7mm waterproof Neo-Tech insulation
  • Non-slip, non-marking and self-cleaning outsole
  • Aegis antimicrobial odor protection insole
  • Easy-on pull handles
  • Comfort rated from temperate to -40?F or sub-zero conditions
  • Height: 15”
  • Circumference at calf 15″
  • Weight 3lbs per pair
  • Available in sizes 6-12
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

The boots have a smooth exterior that is very easy to clean and does not show scratches or scuff marks at this point.  I’ve warn them in the woods, and while stacking wood.  Both times they came in contact with pieces of wood and occasionally a rock or two.   The sole of the boot has a fairly aggressive tread pattern that I thought would pick up a lot of dirt and debris.  It does pick up some mud, but the mud then falls off easily.  Thankfully it doesn’t ‘pack’ in to the tread.  I haven’t used them on ice yet, but am anxious to see how they do.  I normally wear ice cleats if I know I’m going to be out on the ice (ice fishing, etc).

Tread pattern

Tread Pattern

One of the things I’ve already noticed that I like about the Bogs, is that way it fits my foot.  I normally wear either a 9.5 or 10 women’s shoe.  I ordered the size 10 since I tend to wear heavier socks in the winter.  The boots fit perfectly!  My foot is secure in the boot, with no slippage.  I find that the foot support is very good.  My feet do not feel tired after wearing them all day.  My feet did not overheat at all in temperatures between 20-40 F.  I’ll have the chance to wear them in much colder, snowy conditions this weekend and will update this review afterwards.  Our forecast is for temperatures only reaching 20, and going down into the single digits and possibly below.

Check back in about a month for an update.  I’ll be wearing these a lot between now and then.  Hopefully while snowshoeing and ice fishing, and of course a lot of other outdoor activities.

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