Hi-Tec Breathe Hiking Shoe

Hi-Tec Breathe Hiking Shoe

Closer view of the Hi-Tec Breathe Hiking Shoe

The Hi-Tec Breathe Hiking Shoes were received for review purposes.

The Hi-Tec Breathe Hiking Shoes arrived about a week ago, and I took them out of the box, tried them on and made sure they fit.  I walked around a bit, went to the post office and then took them off and put them back in the box until I could start writing up the initial part of the review.  This past Saturday was rainy, so I sat down to write, and could not find the shoes.  The box was in my room, but it was empty.  I searched around the house, but could not find them.  I was beginning to wonder how I could lose a pair of shoes.  I’m way past the stage in life where I come home without articles of clothing, lol.   I decided to do something else for a bit, hoping my memory would release some clues, at this point, my 18 year old daughter came in from being on a search crew.  Guess what she had on her feet?  Yep, she took those as ‘back ups’ to her regular hikers, since she knew the ground was wet.  Her original pair lasted an hour before being soaked through.  She changed into the Hi-Tec’s and went 10 hours in them, and then back out on Sunday to search some more.

A bit of background: a local boy has been lost in the woods in Maine for 4 days at this point.  Volunteer search crews have been going out in teams with the Warden’s Service and search and rescue groups.  My daughter has been out the last 3 days helping search.  The teams are out usually by 8 a.m. and come back in at dark.  For 2 of those days, it was wet and at times raining.  Some of the terrain is very rocky, dense woods and hilly.  Her assessment of the Hi-Tec’s included the following (reported while eating lasagna and trying to share her experience with us): “My feet felt fine, I never even thought of them once I put the Breathes on”, “I could have kept going, if they would have let us” and “I was better prepared than lots of adults who wore lighter weight shoes”.

Usually, an the initial portion of one of our reviews is an actual description of the product, the companies claims, and how we plan on using the item.  I wanted to include the information from my daughter’s use though, while it was fresh in my mind.  I have the feeling she may have a lot more information to share after today’s search and once she’s rested up some.  I may never get to wear the hikers at this rate, but I am thankful that she wore them, and they worked out so well for her.

Now, on to the rest of the story…

Hi-Tec’s claims about the Breathe Hiking Shoe:

  • Premium, durable, waterproof suede and high performance mesh upper, provides long term comfort
  • Waterproof bootie construction
  • Compression molded EVA, impact absorbing midsole
  • OrthoLite® sockliner delivers instant cushioning, anti-odor and anti-microbial properties for all day comfort
  • Vibram® rubber outsole delivers world renowned traction, comfort and durability
  • Women’s specific fit for superior fit and comfort

What I’ve found so far:

They are definitely waterproof!  I found them comfortable the short time I wore them, and my daughter claims her feet felt fine after wearing them for 2 – ten hour days.  The impact absorbing midsole and sockliner worked well, as far as providing cushioning and shock absorption for climbing across rocks, stepping on exposed tree roots, and hiking through the woods where there were no trails.  We did not notice any odor – which is pretty surprising after 2 long days of wearing them in warm, wet conditions.  The Vibram outsole provided great traction, much better than expected.  Check back in about a month for an update on how they are working out, and holding up.

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