Injinji Socks

Some new Injinji socks arrived – two pairs.  A liner toe sock, and a heavier outer hiking sock.  Both fit well, and are very comfortable.  These won’t be available until fall, but we were lucky enough to get a sneak peak!

The Liner

The liner is a lightweight sock, with individual toes.  The fabric is soft, and has enough stretch to be comfortable, without sagging after a couple hours of wear. I have worn toe socks before, and could always feel them between my toes, due to excess material, or them becoming stretched out over time.  Thankfully, the Injiniji socks have enough recovery and hold their shape, so once I’ve put them on, I no longer feel them.

Toe Socks

Toe Socks

The Hiker

The outer sock, is a heavier hiking sock, most likely perfect for cooler weather.  It has a nice amount of cushion, without being bulky.  They come up to my mid-calf area, and stay up even after walking around for a couple of hours in loose fitting clogs.  I didn’t find that my feet perspired while wearing them in 65F temperatures.

For the most part, I will be wearing them over the next few months while hiking in Maine and New Hampshire.  I’ll be looking to see how they hold up, if wearing a liner helps prevent my feet from perspiring, does it wick moisture away from my feet, and do they maintain their stretch recovery.  For the Hikers, I’ll be watching for how well they maintain their cushion,  do they stay up after a long day of wear, and how well constructed they are.  Our temperatures fluctuate very frequently, with average temperatures in June/July ranging from 40F at night, to 90F during the day.  Finding the right socks for that range can be a trick.  I don’t like being overly warm, but I also want my feet to be comfortable.

MSRP: Liner + Hiker – $27.00/ Hiker- $20.00

I appreciate the opportunity to review these socks, and will be updating this review in about a month, after some real life hiking use.