Keen Women’s Balboa Waterfront Shoes

Keen Footwear

Weight: 8.71 oz / 247 grams



Keen Balboa

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Lining: Hydrophobic Mesh

Upper: Synthetic and polyester webbing

Rubber: Non-marking rubber outsole

Type: Sandals  water resistant

MSRP: $80

Sizes Available: 5-11

Colors Available:  Black, Dark Citron, Air Blue, Ochre, Regal Orchid

I’ve been wearing the Keen’s almost non-stop.  I’ll start off by saying – the covered big toe area is one of my favorite parts.  Fashion wise, it may not be the most attractive, according to my 15 year old daughter, but it has protected my toes from collisions with rocks and other debris.  My right big toe has had more than its share of painful run ins with objects while outdoors.   I find that the sandal provides traditional Keen comfort while hiking, with enough support to keep my feet feeling good mile after mile.  The open design makes it great for paddling or walking along the river’s edge.  Water drains right out, and the traction provided is superb.

I’ve always been a barefoot kind of girl.  Living in Maine though, with our rocky beaches and river banks tend to discourage me from going barefoot.  My Keen’s protect my feet from sharp rocks and other debris, and also keep me from slipping while walking and/or climbing in and out of my canoe or kayak.

The sandals have an adjustable hook and loop strap that goes across the top part of my foot, near my ankle.  The heel area is open in back as is the toe area, other than the big toe.  The black material that the straps are made of is easy to clean.  I seem to find the muddiest spots to walk through, and all I need to do is either rinse them in water, or let them dry and then brush them off with a dry towel.

Check back in about a month for another update, on how the Balboas are holding up.

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