LOWA Aerox GTX® Surround

Recently I received a pair of LOWA  Aerox GTX Surround walking/hiking shoes for review purposes.  I decided I’d wear them to work first, to make sure they fit, and were comfortable enough to wear on a hike.  For the first time in a long time, I came home after work, and did not want to immediately kick off my shoes.  I didn’t even think of it until much later.  I easily walk 2 miles a day at work, on hard floors.

LOWA Aerox GTX shoes

Aerox GTX® Surround Ws

The shoes are intended to be a ‘do-it-all’ outdoor shoe.  The shoes feature soles that are fairly aggressive, with breathable sides and a pull cord tie system.  I tend to walk on the insides of my feet, and while wearing these shoes I noticed that my feet were held in a much more natural position.  The pull cord system took a couple of tries to figure out how to adjust the cords.  To release, you have to press both sides of the slide lock.  To tighten, you have to press a very small button at the front of the slide lock, while pulling on the end of the cord.  Once figured out, it worked smoothly.  One nice feature is the little ‘belt’ that holds down the end of the cord, to keep it from bouncing around while you walk.

The shoes I received are Black with Ice Blue trim (as pictured)  They also come in Light Grey with Petrol and Navy with Lilac.  There is also a men’s version available.  MSRP: $220 USD

Something surprised me while reading the LOWA website.  These are advertised as being made on a last, especially designed for women.  To me, this just makes sense.  My feet, although on the large size, are not shaped at all like a man’s foot.  The shoes are very lightweight, which I am sure contributed to how comfortable they were all day.


from www.lowaboots.com

To create a truly multifunctional shoe with 360 degrees of breathability, we took Gore’s SURROUND® concept and enhanced it with our direct-injection system of midsole ventilation channels that let the foot breathe. Combined with our supportive MONOWRAP® frame and our DynaPU® midsole, the result is an extremely breathable/waterproof, lightweight, do-it-all outdoor athletic shoe. Made on a women’s-specific last.

  • Upper: Synthetic
  • Lining: GORE-TEX®
  • Midsole: Supportive DynaPU® w/ MONOWRAP® Frame
  • Outsole: LOWA Surround Trac
  • Stabilizer: 3/4 Length, Soft
  • Weight: 680 grams

Over the next couple months I plan on wearing the LOWA GTX Surround shoes while hiking and exploring in Iceland, and back home while hiking with my dog.  We spend a lot of time hiking, usually between 5-10 miles at a time.  I’m hoping these shoes help me keep up with him.  I will definitely be looking at comfort, and how breathable they really are.   While in Iceland we will be doing some hiking and camping, and also kayaking.  During the trip I’ll be looking at how they feel after wearing for multiple days, and how quickly they dry, if they get wet.

Check back in a month for a follow up.

~Leesa J


UPDATE: 7/8/2017

I just returned from a great trip to Iceland with my daughter.  We rented a car and camped along the southern coastal area.  Camping is very easy in Iceland, and there are plenty of camping areas – parks, campgrounds and just parking areas on the side of the road allow camping for overnights.   We hiked a LOT – I didn’t take my pedometer with me all the time, but each day had at least 10 miles logged, so most days were at least double if not triple that distance.  I wore my LOWA Aerox GTX Surrounds and was thrilled with how well they felt each day.  Our hiking was on paved and dirt paths, with some small rock travel as well.  Some areas were wet and slick, but the shoes were up to the task.  My feet stayed comfortable, and at no time did I have any ‘hot spots’ or areas that rubbed.

I found the Aerox easy to put on and loosen to take off.  The right shoe was a bit harder to tighten then the left at first, but after a day or so it worked more smoothly.   Loosening requires pinching the sides of the slide control and the cord releases easily.  To tighten, you  have to push in on the top side, where there is a small indent.  That allows you to then pull the cording to the desired tightness.

The Aerox are on my feet right now – since I just came back from a short hike with 3 dogs.  I find them lightweight and comfortable enough to wear while hiking or just hanging out.  The tread provides good traction, without carrying a lot of dirt.

While in Iceland, the temperatures stayed between 45 and 60 F, so I didn’t really deal with much in the way of foot perspiration.  Once home, temperatures climbed into the high 80s, and the humidity was very high.  During these temperatures I really appreciated the breathability of these shoes.  I found my feet stayed more comfortable, and my socks stayed dry. The midsole ventilation channels are designed to let feet breath, and they really work well.  They also live up to the ‘waterproof’ claim.  I have stepped in more than one puddle while wearing the Aerox, and my socks still stayed dry.  I’m impressed, when I first looked at them, I was sure they would not be waterproof going by looks.

Update: 10/1/2017

I’ve got to say, I have worn these shoes much more than I normally wear footwear for a review.  They are that comfortable!  We’ve had some very hot, humid weather for late summer, early fall in Maine.  The breathability of the Aerox has been wonderful!  No damp socks or feet. I am impressed with the amount of instep support these provide.  I have a low arch, and find the arch support to be comfortable, and yet it provides the support I need.

I injured my back in late August, so  my hiking has been limited to flat, hard packed surfaces.  I will walk 4-5 miles a day, usually 5 days a week.  I take two young dogs, so I still walk at a fairly quick pace.  The shoes show very little wear, and have stayed fairly clean looking.  I do wipe them off with a damp rag occasionally.  The soles show no wear, which is unusual as most of my shoes show more wear on the inner part, near my big toe and inner heal.  The composition of the soles are firm enough to be supportive, yet are not so hard as to be stiff, or increase impact on my legs.

I appreciate the opportunity to review the LOWA  Aerox GTX Surround shoes, thanks to 4alloutdoors.org and LOWA.