Lowa Renegade II GTX Lo

Lowa Renegade II GTX

Two of my review associates enjoying a treat after a long hike. I figured if I was to put these shoes through a true test I would try to hang with the best hikers I could.

Product Description from LOWA

Handcrafted in Europe. Updated for 2010.

LOWA’s All Terrain Collection are perennial favorites for day hiking and short-haul, weekend backpacking because they’re phenomonally comfortable, supportive and cushioned.

For 2010, our most popular boot, the Renegade, sports a new Monowrap® comfort construction for a lighter, sleeker profile with a more supportive stabilizer. Versatile, waterproof and breathable. Ideal for weekend adventures when you don’t need the protection of an ‘over the ankle’ boot.

UPPER: Nubuk leather.

MIDSOLE: PU Monowrap® Frame, a new, patented construction technique that allows us to reduce overall boot weight while retaining important lateral stability.

LINING: Seamless, waterproof GORE-TEX® lining reduces hot spots. A LOWA patented design.

OUTSOLE: Vibram® Renovo.

SHANK: Full length nylon.

FOOTBED: Climate control footbed with comfort perforations to improve breathability.

First Impressions

The first thing I noticed with the Renegade II GTX Lo hiking shoe was the fit and overall feel was fantastic. They are very comfortable and the Monowrap frame and full length shank give it great support on the trails. They seem reasonably light weight for a hiking shoe and do not seem to bother my feet in any way, which is actually rare because most shoes I try on do not conform to my feet very well.

The first time I hiked with these on the trail they seemed to be a very good quality shoe. As advertised they are great for situations where you do not need the protection of a full boot. The traction is pretty decent on soil terrain and not too bad on rocks. They do not have as quite aggressive of a tread as some of my full boot hikers, but all in all the Vibram soles still seem to provide the traction needed in any situation I encountered. As far as being waterproof, the minimum amount of water that I went through did not show any signs of leaking. Being Goretex, I would expect that, and the breath ability was decent as well.

So time will tell as I wear them on more hikes, but the few times I have had these on they seem like a nice light weight shoe for hiking in moderate temperature environments. They seem a little warm for the hotter months, but for the 32° to 70° F range they seem very comfortable. I wore them on an 80° day and they did seem a bit hot for that, but that is only my personal tastes.  For those hotter days I prefer my trail running/walking shoes and for below 32° I will have on a full boot.

And last but not least they are a very attractive shoe as well … even wore them to work a few times before I got them dirty.

Update 6/14/2010- Lowa Renegade II GTX

The Renegade II GTX Lo hiking shoe fit and overall feel is still fantastic. They are very comfortable and they are the main shoe I wear when I am outdoors. I use them for more than just hiking, basically when I do any chores on the hilly property that I have I will probably have these on. They are a very stable and supportive shoe indeed. I had mentioned in the first part of my review the traction is pretty decent on soil terrain and rocks, I would have to say after another month I would now say they provide excellent traction. The Vibram soles have provided very good traction needed in any situation I have encountered. Especially on rocks, whether wet or dry, they are great. Their waterproof capabilities are very good as well, as I have had them very wet several times and unless water has gone over the top they have kept my feet dry. I should also mention these are a very durable shoe. They seem constructed to last a long time as the tread and stitching are holding up well, and they show little signs of wear.

I also had mentioned in the first part of my review they seemed a little warm for the hotter months, but after wearing them on several hikes in the warmer months they now seem fine above the 70° F range. Actually I have worn them on 80° F plus days and they are comfortable as long as you use a light pair of poly socks that wick the moisture away.

All in all these shoes do seem to be like they take a licking and keep on ticking. I have had them in some very muddy situations and all I have done is hosed them down and they are ready to wear with your nicest tux … well almost. Seriously, they do seem to be able to take some abuse and come out looking pretty close to how they looked new. I have sprayed them a few times with water repellant and that has seemed to help too.

Again more time will tell the full story, but for now I am very satisfied with the performance of these shoes. I have enjoyed having them on in about every environment that I have been in. Hopefully it will dry up and I will get a chance to test them in a dryer and even warmer environment … but that will be up to Mother Nature. Talk to you in a month!

Update 8/29/2010

Well more time has passed and these shoes are doing great. I wear these shoes almost daily and they are still as comfortable as the day I tried them on. They show no signs of unusual wear and they still look pretty good. Considering the muddy environments they have been in that is actually amazing! The stitching has held up great as well.

They seem comfortable in even the warmest weather that we have had in N.E. Ohio this year(90’s). I originally did not know if they would be okay in the summer months., but they have been fine. The traction, stability, and overall feel of the shoe on the trail has held up well too. They have never showed any signs of leaking water and have only sprayed them down with water repellant twice when I first started wearing them.  Actually they have worked well in about any outdoor environment that I have been in.

To sum it up they seem to be a well designed, tough, quality product and look forward to wearing them on about any of  my future outdoor adventures!

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