Oboz Hardscrabble Trail Runner

By: Danielle Denton

Oboz Women’s Hardscrabble (courtesy photo)

This is my very first review item for 4alloutdoors.  I am happy to be a part of the team and help you make a better decision when purchasing your own outdoor equipment. I was so excited to receive my pair of Hardscrabbles from Oboz, it was like Christmas morning.  I put them straight on my feet to see how they fit…… perfect!   They are my first pair of “actual trail running shoes” and I will put them to good use.  As it says on the website, the gray and green color scheme is hot and I can’t wait to get them on the trails.

When giving them my once over, they seemed to be very well made and built for rugged use.  They have a really deep lug pattern for all trail terrain and nice thick laces for security.   I am used to a very lightweight shoe on the road and am a little worried about how heavy the shoe feels on my foot.  I wore them around for the day and the weight aside, the comfort is top rate and feels like it was made for my foot.  I felt like I could have walked all day, but the true test will be when I take them for a challenging run.

The Hardscrabble’s are made from synthetic leather and fabric uppers.  They have a 3 part midsole:  Dual Density Posted EVA, Full Forefoot EVA SuperSkin Plate, and Nylon Shank.  Some other great features are their Anatomically Correct Multi-Density Footbed and Radial Fit System, that’s where their top rate comfort comes from.  They retail at an MSRP of $110.00 which is reasonable for a good pair of shoes.

I hope to wear the Hardscrabble on multiple terrains to give you a better idea on how they hold up.  The great thing about them is I can wear them on and off the trail.  Check back for updates in about a month to learn more about how they fare with lots of use.

Continuing With the Oboz Hardscrabbles

Danielle Denton

I have been using my Oboz Hardscrabble shoes for the past month and have found many great uses for them.  I have taken them through mud, snow, and water and have yet to be disappointed in how they perform.  Whether on an eight mile hike, rugged trail run, trudging through neck deep water, or rappelling off a 140 ft. arch, I never got blisters or felt discomfort.  Those things are very important when looking for an outdoor “adventure” shoe.

I used my Hardscrabbles the most for trail running and they were great.  The weight didn’t bother me at all, they actually felt really comfortable.  I tend to be a little clumsy and stub my toes a lot, and I was very pleased to not feel the shooting pain up my foot.  They allowed for high stability on the rough terrain and protected me from ankle injuries.  I was very happy with how I felt in these shoes and glad they didn’t lower my performance, but enhanced it as a good shoe should do.

When I went hiking through the snow they kept my feet nice and warm.  As others with me had to step cautiously to keep from slipping and sliding, I felt very secure with every step.  They have deep treds that allowed for awesome traction and safety on the trails.

I recently went on a camping trip down to Moab and did some rappelling and canyoneering.  I only brought one pair of shoes, my Hardscrabbles.  I didn’t even bring flip flops for around camp.  When we went on one of our outings to do a simultaneous rappel we had to go through water.  I was excited to see how fast and well they would dry after being completely submerged.  I really didn’t want them to be wet the entire time since they were my only pair.  I was very content with how fast they dried both inside and out.  I didn’t get blisters while they were wet and they drained excess water quickly.  I got lots of sand in them while going through the water and I was worried about cleaning them adequately.  The sole comes clean nicely and I was able to get most if not all of the sand out.

In summary I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Oboz Hardscrabbles and was very happy with their overall performance on and off the trail.  I was glad that I didn’t have anything negative to say about the shoes, they have fit my style of adventure very efficiently.

Check back in about another month for more updates and hopefully more great experiences.

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I’m sad to write my last review, but at least I will still be able to enjoy using my Oboz Hardscrabbles.  I have a trip planned the end of this week that I will be taking them on and would like to wait to write the last review in order to have one more great story to tell….. Check back next week for the great news…

The Final Look at the Oboz Hardscrabbles……….

Oboz Hardscrabble I used my Hardscrabbles in Moab again and went on some fantastic rappels and hiking through rivers.  They were great and for my first review item I couldn’t have been more impressed with how they performed and really lived up to what was displayed on the site.  They are well made and built for both light and vigorous activities. People from all walks of life can find a good use for these shoes.

I have used my Hardscrabbles so much and in many different ways.  They have proved to be very efficient no matter what activity I chose to do.  They are very comfortable and supportive.  They have proved to be a shoe worth investing in and one that will last.  I found the Hardscrabbles to be a worthy choice for my adventures yet again and they have never left me unprotected in the great outdoors. I really haven’t had any issues come up with these shoes and that is great; they don’t smell, they dry fast, they are comfortable and support my feet when I need them to.  Although their thickness is very deceiving; at first they seem like they are a little on the bulky side, but that adds to their stability and safety on the trails.  They don’t feel heavy at all and I have worn them for my daily activities as well.  I definitely recommend these shoes for many activities…

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