Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots

Review by Arnie P

Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots
Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots

Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots

Oboz provided the Scapegoat Mid hiking boots for review purposes.

The Oboz company

The company was founded in Bozeman, Montana in the year 2007. The company was founded by people who had been working for brand name companies and who decided that their main principle in designing and making shoes would be “True to the Trail”. I like it when I learn that the people who design the product actually use the product they are designing. I suggest going to their website to learn more about the company. They are making an effort to be ecologically sound by using wind power. Also, most employees commute by bike, and they plant a tree for every pair of shoes sold.


The Scapegoat Mid hiking boot comes in the color Charcoal. Sizes available are 8-12 in half sizes, and 13, 14. The shoe is mid cut or just above ankle high. There is added material at the toe for protection. The heel is rounded which I believe helps my stability on the trail. At the heel is a large loop to aid in putting the shoes on. The loop is large enough for me to insert my index finger and I think I will find this very useful. All the lacing loops are closed except for the top pair which is open. The lower five pair of loops are flush with the surface and the top loop is raised.

Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots
Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots


Size: Men’s 9 US

Color: Charcoal

Style: mid-cut


Left: 16.3 oz

Right: 16.3 oz

Measured weight

Left: 17.0 oz

Right: 16.6 oz

Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots
Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots

Website description

You emerge circadian-style from your down-filled cocoon. Weeks in, weeks to go. A push to Chaffee County Road 306 and a well-timed hitchhike will yield bean burritos and a milkshake; but if yesterday’s electrical storm is a repeat, it’s the last freeze-dried and a tablespoon of almond butter. The Scapegoat Mid’s fit, comfort, and a thoughtful balance of technical features will help ensure your feet aren’t suffering.”

Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots
Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots

Tech Specifications from website

Upper: Mesh with Synthetic Leather Overlays
Abrasion Resistant Rubber Coated Toe & Heel Mudguard
Elastic Scree Collar

Construction: Strobel Lasted

Insole: BFit Deluxe

Midsole: Compression Molded EVA
Lightweight PU heel plug
EVA Super Skin (ESS) Forefoot Armoring
Nylon Shank

Outsole: Thru-hiker

Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots
Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots
Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots
Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots

Trying the Scapegoat Mid hiking boots

When I first looked at these boots they looked a bit small. I tried them on after taking pictures. I had thin smooth socks and my feet slid in easily. The fit was perfect for a first time wear. I continued wearing them with thin socks and the feel was great. I will be trying them with a medium weight wool sock. I will be wearing these boots daily for hiking, shopping, walking the dog, going for coffee, seminars, and yard work including finishing a cement block patio.

Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots inserts
Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots inserts

I wish to thank 4alloutdoors.org and Oboz for the opportunity to test the Scapegoat Mid hiking boots. Please check back in about a month when I will have more to say about the Scapegoat Mid hiking boots in my next report.

Update 6-30-16
It has been a good month of testing the Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots. The temperature has been warm during the day with temperatures ranging from the 70’s to the low 90’s. The humidity has very seldom been high and it has cooled down during the night. I wore these boots every day all day. I have been pleasantly surprised with the performance of these boots.

Daily wearing and fit
The fit for me has been perfect, no sliding, no pressure points, or any irritation. Despite the warm weather, my feet have not gotten wet with sweat. I am finding the shoelaces are longer than normal. After tying the first simple knot, I have about 12 inches of lace to finish the standard knot. I have been using a second knot to use up surplus lace. The laces hold together very well after tying and I have very seldom had to retie my boots.

Hiking in Harold Parker
I hiked with my hiking group 4 times for 2 plus hours each time. The temperature on these hikes was from the mid 80’s to the low 90’s. Since we have had very little rain so far, I did not experience being in mud. I did experience excellent traction with these boots. I did encounter a few places on the trail where there was sloping ledge and I was stable walking on these surfaces. In the picture below you will note small, mostly round, orange knobs. I think these knobs provide the excellent traction I am experiencing. The trails are very rocky with a lot of tree roots crossing the trails. The stability has been great for hiking in these conditions.

Harold Parker forest in Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots
Harold Parker forest in Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots

At the gym

My use of the treadmill is my most demanding use of these boots in the gym. I have been setting the speed at 4 mph with an elevation of 3, for 20 minutes. I have not had any problem in the gym with these boots. Initially, I thought I would have to decrease my pace but that did not happen. On the other hand, I was not about to try going faster, I did, however, increase my time a few times. In doing the leg calf exercise I found the soles to be reasonably stiff, ideal for most hiking and short vertical climbs.

Local walks and more.

I do walk in my neighborhood on a daily basis for shopping, visiting coffee shops, and walking to our local beach on Silver Lake. I did get sand in my shoe a couple times walking on the beach. In some areas, the sand is soft and easier for it to find its way into my boot. This was a rare occasion. I have attended seminars and experienced a drastic drop in temperature. There was about a 30 degrees drop from my car to the seminar room. My upper body felt the difference but not my feet. My work projects during this period included laying 16 in by 16 in cement patio blocks and scraping and painting 2 sides of my house. I was putting in between 7-8 hours for 3 days scraping and painting my house. This was a lot of time for me to be on a ladder. This was more than I have been dong in a long time and I attribute it to the comfort I feel in these boots while on the ladder. It was in the mid 80’s and sunny, but I remained comfortable and happy it only took 3 days.

I am very pleased and surprised with the results achieved in the first month of testing. I see no signs of wear or weakness. I wish to thank 4alloutdoors.org and Oboz for the opportunity to test the Scapegoat Mid hiking boots. Please check back in about a month when I will have more to say in my last look.

A last look 7-30-16

The weather during this period was hot and humid with negligible rain. The lawns appear lifeless and the few wild berries are small, lacking taste. Daylight temperatures hovered in the 80’s and 90’s with a few degrees lower at night. My activities during this period continued to be the same but at a slower pace. I continued to wear the Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots every day during this period.

Outdoor use

I hiked another 4 times with my Wednesday hiking group on these 2-hour hikes. I am sweating more. The trails are rough and despite the added moisture from sweating I did not experience and adverse effects of blisters or abrasion to my feet. I walked to the senior center several times making a 3-4 mile round trip depending on the route and number of side excursions. I walked to Silver Lake a few times a week, sometimes seeking relief from the heat.

The fit and comfort

I had worry free hiking during this period. Your foot hits the ground at least a thousand times or more in an hour. Each time my foot lands on an irregular surface an ankle roll is possible. Ankle rolls are the ones that are the most feared, rolling away from your body is harder to control. Once I felt I was going to have an ankle roll but was able to control my leg without my breaking my stride. I attribute this to the excellent ankle support provided by the Scapegoat Mid hiking boots. A twisting motion occurs when your foot turns away from the travel path of the trail. This puts stress on your ankle. I have not experienced stress in these boots. I experience fatigue after wearing boots 10-12 hours. When wearing these boots I have not experienced fatigue or the need to remove them. Sometimes after a hard workout at the gym, I may take a nap. My feet were so comfortable I did not take them off for my nap. When I left my boots on for my nap for the first time, I did not expect to do it again. Turned out I was wrong and have taken more naps wearing these boots. I do remove the boots before going to bed at night. The boots are so comfortable that I sense I am wearing slippers instead of boots.


The Scapegoat Mid hiking boots performed well after two months of use. I cannot see any signs of wear. My feet are drier during hot, humid weather with no adverse effects. The feature I like best is not sensing them on my feet.

Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots in Harold Parker forest
Oboz Scapegoat Mid hiking boots in Harold Parker forest

I wish to thank 4alloutdoors.org and Oboz for the opportunity to test the Scapegoat Mid hiking boots.

Addendum on backpacks 10-26-16

I backpacked once in August and September. After writing my last report.

August backpacks to Fox Brook tent shelter

We hoped the humidity will be lower as rain predicted the preceding night. Our backpack started before noon and it was over 90. So we hiked at a slower than normal pace. This hike starts with a steep climb to Pitcher mountain raising my heart rate. The trail is a mixture of grass and rock which can be slippery. I had excellent traction on this first steep ascent. As we descended Pitcher mountain, we pass through a large blueberry picking field. There were not as many pickers due to the drought as the size of the berries were smaller. Bear scat was smaller and not as many piles. The open areas are hotter, but there was a light breeze which helped. The views were impressive despite the few scattered clouds. Back into the forest again, a welcome relief from the blazing sun. This part of the trail has a few places where the moss covered rocks can be slippery. We then entered the second blueberry picking field where a small parking lot for berry pickers. The berry picking is on the “honor system” with pickers putting their money in a collection box at the trail-head parking lot. It was back into the woods for the last section before the shelter. Upon arriving at the shelter we setup our tents and then continued our hike without most of our load. The next destination was Blueberry hill which adds another mile to our 5-mile hike. The last section is a long uphill climb to the summit. Despite the name Blueberry hill, is a small blueberry picking field. The views were great as the sun was approaching the horizon. We rested ate only a few berries as they were not only smaller but drier and not as tasty. After enjoying the view and resting in a slight breeze we headed back to the campsite. It was getting dark as we finished eating. I headed to my tent for a much-needed rest. I was not in a hurry to take my boots off as I had no sensitive spots. My stockings were damp and not soaking as I had expected. It was hot and humid when I fell asleep laying on my sleeping bag, later I covered myself and was back to sleep until morning.

September backpacks to Moose Outlook campsite

The temperatures had dropped out of the 90’s to the 80’s. It was cool when we arrived at the trail-head. Our main concern was getting water once we arrived at the shelter since it had been so dry this summer. This trail is shady with little exposure to direct sunlight. It is an uphill hike most of the 6 miles to the shelter. As we hiked, the temperature rose to the upper 80’s, so it was warm but dry despite the rain the preceding night. It was noticeable that the trail was less hiked than in earlier years. We did not recognize the surroundings of the shelter as we arrived. The forest growth made the shelter look different. There were fewer places to put up a tent. As I setup the tent I noticed the ground was harder. The tent stakes resisted going into the ground. We then went to get water at designated spot. To our surprise the usual stream was dry, we followed the dry bed till we came to a 3 foot in diameter puddle 3 inches deep. We ran 3 liters of water through a filter and could see the water level dropping. It was surprising not to see any animal tracks near this water. The water tasted good considering it did not look good. I heard no animal sounds during the night. The night temperature was perfect for sleeping. I suspect the wildlife moved to a better source of water.

Harold Parker State Forest 10-26-16

This a weekly event for me every Wednesday for 2 hours. I mention this one because it was 20 F this am and there was a strong breeze which made it feel colder. There were a lot of leaves on the trail. I no problems with slipping on leaves on the sloping ledges of the trail. My feet were warm and dry during this hike.

Pond on today's hike in Harold Parker Forest
Pond on today’s hike in Harold Parker Forest


It will be difficult for me to find a better pair of boots for my hiking and backpacking needs. My performance this year was better than even 2 or 3 years ago. The fit and comfort during the extended period were superb. I never got so much as a tender spot. My feet stayed dry even under mid 90-degree weather. I am looking forward to wearing these boots for a long time.