Oofos OOCloog


OOfos OOCloog

OOfos OOCloog

I received the Oofos OOCloog and thought ‘these will be great to wear after hiking all day’ and ‘I bet I could wear these kayaking’.  I also had a few thoughts about the name – like ‘why all the OOO’s’?  I’ve discovered that not should they be great for after hiking, they are really great for walking in, whether its on a trail, or just around the neighborhood.  I wore them to work one day, just to see how comfortable they’d be after 8 hours.  On the way home from work, my car broke down.  While I waited for the tow truck, I did a little hike along the river and was really impressed.  I had no problem with foot slippage, nor did the clog slip on any of the wet rocks.

The OOCloog’s are made of a foam that Oofos refers to as ‘OOfoam Technology’.  Their website doesn’t really explain it, but I will say it is very comfortable.  The arch support is great, and while the Cloog is flexible, it is sturdy enough to be supportive.  Along the inner sides there are 3 small vent holes.  I’m sure this will be helpful when the weather gets warm, and also if worn in the water, they would allow the water to drain out.  There are places I kayak that it is pretty much impossible to go into the water barefoot due to the rocks.  It would be nice to be able to wear the Cloogs until I’m in the kayak, and then slip them off.  My daughter also mentioned she’d wear them in the shower at the YMCA, or at a campground.  Assuming I let her borrow them…

Oofos Oocloog





The attached information tag includes the following information:

“We invented the revolutionary OOfoam!  Its unique technology provides unparalleled energy absorption. Recover and feel better with OOfos!

  • Created and engineered for true recovery and recharge
  • Arch support for all foot types
  • Lasting function and comfort
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Machine washable
  • Durable

The back of the tag warns to wash in cold water only, and DO NOT put in the dryer.   They are also a zero waste manufacturer.   MSRP $49/US

Over the next few months I will be wearing the Cloogs and looking at a few different things. First, how comfortable are they?  If I wear them all day, how will my feet feel at the end of the day?  Any areas that rub or blister?  Secondly, how durable are they? Does the foam hold up?  Any excessive signs of wear?  Lastly, in what way are they most useful?  Just as a recovery show after a long hike?  How do they work out if I walk in them all day?  In the water?  Stop back in about a month and see how its going.

OOfos provided the OOCloog for review purposes.


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