Rider Dunas V WM Flip-Flops

 By Jenn K.
This product was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of this review.
Rider Dunas V WM Flip-Flops

Rider Dunas V WM Flip-Flops

In Southern California the days are now longer and it is warming up. This means it is time to hit the beach. Lucky for me we have mild temperatures most of the year and it would not be odd to be wearing flip-flops in April. The Rider Dunas V WM Flip–Flops are what I will be wearing to the beach and around town. I received the black/pink color combination in a size 8. I usually wear a size 8 to 8.5 women’s shoe and the 8 fits me perfectly.

The Dunas V Flip-Flops have a standard foam/fabric cross-strap design that crosses at the big toe. I was concerned that this may cause irritation or pressure around my toe. After wearing the Dunas V around the house a few house I noticed no irritation.

Bottom of Dunas V

Bottom of Dunas V

The sole of the sandal has what the manufacturer calls a Dry Foam Plus insole for comfort and a Flexpand outsole for lasting support. This outsole was developed with technology that uses millions of moving micro-air chambers to create a lighter and more flexible sandal. The sole has a wave/ripple like foam design with the manufacturer logo tag made out of this same foam and embossed on the sole. Another concern with the flip-flops was the possibility of this foam pattering causing irritation to the bottom of my feet. I am happy to say so far there is no irritation.

The flip-flops have only been worn indoors at this point. There is no real traction on the bottom of the sole just small nubs embossed on the rubber. They are very comfortable and the sole of the sandal feels soft against my feet. There is adequate support that I could not feel the hardness of my bare wood floors in the house. I am currently dealing with plantar fasciitis issues and there was no additional discomfort in my heel or arches from these sandals.  They are not designed with an arch support however the sole is supportive enough that my arch does not feel collapsed. The Dunas are easy to slip on and off and have not slid off my feet while walking.

I will be walking longer distances in the Dunas and on various surfaces in the upcoming month. I will further assess how much support they offer, how my feet feel, if they flair up my plantar fasciitis, and how durable they are.

May 11, 2014 Update

Rider Dunas V

I was so excited to receive the Rider Dunas V Sandals that I forgot to mention some important facts regarding the content and production of these sandals. The Rider line of shoes began in Brazil,  a country that believes in environmental sustainability.  These sandals are made from 30% recycled products and are recyclable.  Also, 99% of the industrial waste from the production is recycled or reused.

I have been wearing the Rider Dunas V Sandals for the past month around town, at the beach, and frequently at home. They have been worn in temperatures ranging from the upper 50’s to low 90’s F. I have been recovering from left foot plantar issues and I have been instructed to always wear shoes, especially at home since I have hardwood floors. Even with my plantar fasciitis these sandals are comfortable. As my plantar fasciitis has been healing I am able to tolerate longer durations in the Dunas V Sandals and I need my custom foot orthotics less. The foot bed is comfortable even with the rippled design.

The Dunas V Sandals are cushiony and it feels like I am standing on a soft pillow. There is a slight irritation from the toe strap that develops when I wear the sandals for about 4 hours. The irritation is just a minor bother and has not caused any blisters or open skin on my toe.

Wear showing on the Dunas V There appears to be some wear on the top foot bed ridge of the left sandal. This is not a high wear area so I am uncertain what exactly is causing the wear. It appears that the black coating over the pink foam is wearing away. This is the only part of the sandals showing wear. The web straps appear in good condition and there is no wear showing on the bottom.

The Dunas V Sandals clean and wash up easily with just dish soap and water. They also dry quickly. I have not slipped in these when walking on wet pavement. There is really no traction on the bottom of the sandals; just the small raised nubs. There is enough cushioning that I do not feel like my foot is bottoming out when walking on pavement or on small rocks.

June 19, 2014 Final Update

Since my last report we had abnormally high temperatures and winds in Southern California. The temperatures reached 100 F for several days and there were several fires. The smoke from the fires and the roads closed was the most impact I experienced. Luckily I was a few miles away from the closest fire.

The Dunas V Sandals have been worn almost daily over the past month. My plantar pain is now completely gone in my left foot and the Dunas V Sandals helped with my recovery.  They provided adequate cushioning and there was enough rigidity in the sandals that I did not aggravate my plantar area or trip over the toe portion of the sandals. Since I was not advised to walk barefoot the flip-flops were especially great to wear around the house on my hardwood floors while I was recovering. Now the bad news is I have a new injury. I broke my right leg mountain biking and I have been non-weight bearing.  However, I was able to wear the left Dunas V Sandal and this was the foot I had the previous plantar issues. Luckily I had no increased inflammation and discomfort on my left foot; even with the additional joint stress from my weight bearing precautions.

Before my broken leg incident the sandals were worn in the house, around town, to the beach, before and after mountain biking on the dirt trails, on gravel, and on grass. Now I am wearing one sandal at home and on pavement. The soles are holding up well, no real wear noted. The small traction bumps are still prevalent.  However, there is still the premature wear of the black coating on the tip of the left sandal and it had become slightly more pronounced.

Initially there was some noted irritation from the toe strap. However, with increased wearing times this has dissipated. There are no other areas of discomfort with the sandals. They actually feel like I am standing on a soft pillow.

They are still washing up easily. When they become dirty I rinse them with water and wipe with a soapy sponge. They air dry quickly; a few hours in direct sunlight or overnight inside the house.

I must say I am happy with these flip-flops. I plan on continuing to wear them as the weather and temperatures allow. I am lucky that I live in Southern California where it is sandal weather almost all year.

The Dunas V WM Flip-Flops retail for $34.00. They are available in women’s whole sizes 5-11 and in 4 colors (black/pink, black/blue, tan/green, and brown/orange. For more information visit www.ridersandals.com.


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