The Saucony Women’s Progrid Razor Keeps Me Dry

By Suzanne

I have been a Saucony loved for as long as I can remember. My mom used to buy them for me when I was growing up because she knew that they were a high quality sneaker with a reasonable price tag. I’ve tried other brands of running shoes now that I’m on a quest to get fit, but nothing seems to come close to the fit and feel of Saucony on my feet. One of their newest designs to hit the market is the Progrid Razor, which is the perfect shoe to be training in now that winter is underway here in Maine. When other shoes slip or lead you to have wet feet when running in incliment weather, the Progrid Razor keeps your feet warm and dry. I recently took them up Pleasant Mountain, a small peak nearby, to see how they would handle the mud, ice, and dusting of snow that the mountains have been blessed with so far this year. To read my full trail report, click on this link. Otherwise, here are more of my thoughts on the Progrid Razor.

Saucony’s Women’s Progrid Razor
Saucony’s Women’s Progrid Razor

As for my chosen footwear for the day, I chose to go with Saucony’s Women’s Progrid Razor …which [was] supplied by [Saucony] for review. The Progrid Razor is designed for use a trail runner for neutral runners, but it’s light weight and built in short gaiter made me really curious how it would handle light hiking, such as the 2.5 trek up Pleasant Mountain. As I proceeded up the trail, I acted just like I normally would on the trail and did not watch my step super carefully or avoid any mud. Saucony photo They are eVent™ lined for waterproof protection and it definitely held up to its name. My feet stayed dry the entire time and I couldn’t tell at all that I had stepped in to countless wet areas. The Exclusive Vibram® Trek Outsole provides exceptional traction and grip without adding a lot of weight, which was useful for the rockier areas of the trail and to help make me quicker on my feet. Although they are not specifically intended for use in cold weather, my feet did managed to stay warm enough thanks to the SSL EVA midsole.

Overall, I am still loving the Saucony brand as a whole and especially love this latest edition to their lineup. Even if it wasn’t directly meant for those of us that live in New England, my feet are definitely appreciating the extra warmth, stability, and dryness so far this winter.

Stay tuned to read more about my experiences with the Saucony Women’s Progrid Razor and to hear about how I am putting them through their paces this winter.

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