Sofsole Multi Sport Cushion socks


I received the Sofsole Multi Sport Cushion socks for review a little more than a week ago from the manufacturer.  My timing on receiving these socks was a little faulty on my part, as I chose the ankle height socks to go with my normal low cut work/hiking shoes.  These shoes I will soon be retiring for the winter as it has just begun to get cold here in Maine.  I will make an attempt though to wear them despite the weather.  You know what they say about us Mainers afterall…

The manufacturer’s website gives the following description of their socks:

Sof Sole® Multi Sport Cushion Socks combine superior comfort with features you have come to expect with Sof Sole socks.

  • Seamless toe for comfort
  • Full cushioned sole for comfort and absorbency
  • Deep heel pocket provides excellent fit and prevents slippage
  • Arch band for secure fit

SofSole Website

The package offers their warranty details which include a 30 day money back guarantee and also a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects.  The socks are Made in China.

Upon inspecting the Multi Sport Cushion socks I noted some particularly interesting and different padded areas compared to other socks I have worn.  The foot bed has padded ribs and the back of the heel has a cushioned “tab” area I presume to cushion your ankle from the top of the back of the shoe.  Pretty ingenius I must say!  I have worn two of the pairs already and I can report they are very comfortable at this point.

More to come in a month!

1/10/16 Update

I have been wearing these socks occasionally, but I received them a little late in the season to use them with taller boots like I wear more in the winter.  Regardless, when I HAVE worn them, they are very comfortable socks.  I was curious about the different density padded areas but I can’t say I notice them at all when wearing the socks.  The small tab on the back works surprisingly well to pull the socks on.  I will try and wear them more often in the coming weeks.


Chris D