Swiftwick Compression Socks

By Brian H               Swiftwick twelve merino

     I have the opportunity to use and  review a high performance sock from Swiftwick LLC. Having personally been in the man-made fiber business for over 20 years, this product will be a delight to review and use. At first glance I notice that these socks are not your normal cotton/polyester blend crew sock that you would get from Wally World. I received several styles of socks from Swiftwick, a Four Crew Olefin, a Twelve Over Calf Olefin, and a Twelve Over Calf Merino. The Four Crew Olefin sock fits right below the calf and the Twelve Over Calf Olefin and Merino fit right above the calf. Upon initial review I found out that these socks do take a little more effort to put on, especially the Over Calf socks.

              Visually inspecting socks I notice that there are no raised seems and sock has different regions or zones, each with a specific purpose I am sure.  I tried on each type of sock and the first thing I notice is the snugness of the sock. They seem to compress your foot, but not in a way that cuts off circulation. They are not bulky and have no loose sections like you get around your ankles sometimes with a standard cotton sock. I notice that the soles are cushioned just enough to provide comfort. I also notice that the cuff (upper most section of sock) fits snug around your leg.

   Swiftwick Compression Socks             Will be exciting to see how the Swiftwick Compression Socks test in different applications. Certain areas of use will be in wicking performance, comfort, durability, and general performance. To be continued in about a month.


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