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The TOPO MT shoe arrived just in time for me to step up my training.  I’m working to get in shape after a back injury, and need to work up to being able to hike greater distances.  I’m currently walking about 20 miles a week (4-5 days).  I’ll be wearing the MTs while getting in shape for longer hikes, mostly on the road, and packed dirt trails.

According to TOPO, The MT (Mountain Trainer) offers the ultimate hybrid experience by pairing the best features of a trail and road shoe. A rugged lug outsole provides multi-directional traction and the three density sole platforms offers plating protection without sacrificing ground feel. Reduced weight and increased flexibility will help you maintain your pace when you move from trail to road.
  • // Rugged outsole for multi-directional traction
  • // 3-Density midsole for plating protection and comfort underfoot
  • // 19 mm x 17 mm total stack height/2 mm drop
  • // Seamless printed upper pattern on breathable mesh
  • // Weight: 6.8 oz. (size 7)

I do find the MTs to be extremely lightweight and easy to wear. My first impression is that they are light enough to be very comfortable, but rugged enough to protect my feet and give the support I need.

I received a size 9.5 and they fit very well. The support is good, although the insole is a bit  flat feeling. That is probably because I am a bit flat footed.  The tread on the MTs is good, and gives a decent grip on wet pavement. It hasn’t really warmed up here yet, but the front top section is of the shoe is mesh and appears to ‘breathe’, which should help with warm weather walks and how my feet feel at the end of a walk or hike. I’m looking forward to giving them a workout.  Most of my hiking during the warmer months is on rough trails, with mild to moderate climbing.  Because this is Maine, its often in wooded areas that are damp, if not wet.  Check back in about a month for an update, and more information as to how they are working out.

UPDATE: June 2014

This update got delayed a bit by a wedding and trip to Atlanta for a conference.  I will say, the  TOPO  MT’s went with me everywhere for the last few months, except the wedding (unfortunately they didn’t match my dress).  I intentionally walk about 2 miles a day in them.   On top of that, I wear them when I walk the dog, or go walking with friends.  I’d say in an average week, I wear them for about 20 miles at least.  I like how they are lightweight, and yet provide decent support.  They are good for walking on flat, smooth ground.  I do notice that if I step on a small rock, I feel it through the footbed.  It is not a sharp jab, but I can definitely tell I stepped on something.   I do notice they provide good traction on wet surfaces.

During our recent hot, humid weather the TOPOs let my feet ‘breathe’ which was nice.  The mesh allows for decent air circulation.  This also helped keep my socks dry and comfortable.  While in Atlanta, the weather was even hotter, and more humid.  The air circulation was great!  Going from walking outside, to an air conditioned convention center for 4 days made for lots of walking.  I know one of the days I walked over 7 miles.  At the end of the day, the only thing not exhausted was my feet.

The shoes show very little wear on the bottom, and the tops have stayed fairly clean looking.  They lace up nicely, and the laces rarely need to be retied due to loosening.  They are easy to fit in a pack or suitcase, taking up little space, and adding little noticeable weight.

I’m enjoying reviewing these shoes, and will continue to wear them throughout the summer.

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