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I recently received a pair of Vasque Taku Men’s hiking boots.  They are very lightweight at 2 lb, 7 oz., but they still have that ‘sturdy’ feel to them.  I have big feet – size 14 Men’s and was surprised when I picked up the box to feel how light it was.    Even better than the weight, is the way they feel and fit.  From the first time I tried them on, they were comfortable, with plenty of room.  I’ve worn them all day a couple of times, and have never had a spot rub nor have my feet become tired.  The ‘Arc Tempo Last’ is something new to me, and I am curious to find out how much of a difference it makes in my comfort and agility.  I will be wearing these while I do some spring turkey hunting.  In the area of Ohio I hunt in, turkey hunting requires some hiking in and out of the areas they habitate.  I plan on wearing the Taku’s while hiking, hunting and around the farm.  I’m looking forward to seeing how they hold up.  I’ve owned Vasque boots before, and hope these keep my feet as happy.

Features from Vasque:

Vasque Taku Boot

Vasque Taku Boot, photo courtesy of

  • GoreTex®
  • Weight: 2lb. 7 oz. (1106g)
  • Outsole: Vibram® Neo Day Hiker
  • Last: Arc Tempo
  • Midsole: Molded EVA and TPU Plate
  • Available in Men’s Medium 7-12,13,14,Wide 8-12,13

“Our Arc Tempo last creates an athletic fit that promotes quickness and agility over technical ground.The asymmetrical curve is ideal for people with higher arches and also places your foot in a more powerful position during toe off. This aggressive toe spring facilitates rapid obstacle clearance. The tapered toe box offers adequate room without wasted space. And the medium volume heel fits a wide range of shapes.”

So far, I can say the fit is great, and they hold my big, old feet without a problem.  I’m hoping that after repeated, and long duration use, I can say the same thing.

Check back in about a month, and I ‘ll let you know how the boots are performing, and how my turkey hunting is going too.

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