Wolverine Creek Bed Shoes

Wolverine Creek Bed Mutli Sport shoes

The Wolverine Creek Bed shoes are touted as Multi Sport shoes. They are made from a “quick dry breathable mesh upper, EVA midsole. Dual-density EVA outsole.” The web site list sizes from 7-14 US in widths of EW and M, which I assume is extra wide and medium. I received a size 9 M in the aluminum color. The color of the shoes does leave something to be desired. I have the aluminum colored mesh but the soles are this really girly coral color. Not a color I would say is manly by any means. Both my wife and my daughter asked if they were women’s shoes…Alas off to the mud and grime to try and cover the soles.
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Outside of the color of the soles, I like the shoes. They are lightweight and I can feel the air flow in between the mesh when I walk. I’m interested to know the break in period (if any) of these shoes. When I first put them on, I noticed some rubbing where the bottom of the tongue is sewn into the shoe. This was right about my toes. It was a bit aggravating at first. I walked down to our local pond and creek about a quarter of a mile from my house where I was able to wade in the edges of the pond. While the outside air temperature was into the low 80s, the water temp in the south hasn’t gotten above 70 yet, so it was a bit chilly. I waded through some muck on the edges and the shoes drained the water and most of the sand/silt they picked up. I had a few larger rocks stay behind but they were easily washed out. The shoes drained easily and dried fast. Total distance was just over a mile walk.

There are channels inside the shoe to channel out water. You can see them in this next picture. I was worried that mud would clog these holes up, but on the first outing I had no problem.
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The other interesting design on this shoe is the shoe string. There are small ridges along the string. They feel like they have some grip, which I guess is so when they get wet they do not untie. I have never seen shoe strings like this and so far they worked really well.

I will wear these shoes on my hikes and mountain bike trips through the local Alabama trails. Also since summer is on its way, I will wear them to the lake and river. I normally take my pontoon boat to the lake and we swim off of it, but I am planning a couple of kayak trips as well.

From: www.wolverine.com
Size: Mens 9M
Color: Aluminum
Weight: 1 lb 5.5 Oz (both)

Check back over the next couple of months as I will be updating this post about my findings with the creek bed shoes. These were provided by the manufacturer for review purposes.

Brian T

Update! Wolverine Creekbed Shoes

So far I have worn these shoes almost every day in some form or fashion. I have hiked in the woods, walked around my neighborhood on the streets, and trodded through some ponds and pools in them. I am up to about 5 miles of use with them so far between wooded trails and walking the streets around my neighborhood. They have held up great.

One of the best things about these shoes are the shoe strings. These shoe strings have never come untied even when wet. Those little protrusions I talked about in my initial report really help to keep them tied.

The soles are also very comfortable. Sometimes I will develop heel pain in my normal work boots. I have never had any heel pain while wearing these shoes. There are three pieces to this shoe. The Shoe itself, the C3 footbed, and an insert to cover the footbed. After walking through dirt and muck I will take the footbed out and hose them off to clean them out. I wear these with no socks and so far they have not developed any smell.


The one thing I do not like is how grit will accumulate in these shoes. Even after washing them out thoroughly and not wearing them on any trails, I can still find grit in them. The footbed shows some signs of wear from small rocks on the ball of my foot area. Im interested to see how well these hold up over time.

bottom wear

One of the things that initially bothered me was a bit of extra material on the tongue of the left shoe. The picture below is from the left shoe. The tongue is attached about a half inch beyond the bottom part of the opening. There was also about a quarter of an inch of extra material I had to cut out that would rub against the top of my third and fourth toe. Even after cutting it out, there is a little bit of material left that still rubs.

left measure

On the right side the tongue is sewn in just a fraction closer. Nothing rubs me on the right side of my foot.

Right measure

Here is another image that shows the extra material on the right shoe and where I cut it out on the left. I cut out a good quarter of an inch and it still rubs on the left side.

tongue comparison1

Overall I really like these shoes. They are very comfortable and I wear them daily. My only complaint has been the extra material and the difference in where the tongue has been sewn in.

Check back in a about month for my final review!
Brian T.

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