Epson ProSense 57 GPS Running Watch

By Jason Boyle

ProSense 57

Epson ProSense 57 GPS Running Watch – Photo Courtesy of the Epson Website

Epson has been around since 1942 and is well known for ink jet printers and projectors and has now added GPS watches to their lineup.  The Epson line up features five different models that range in price from $99 dollars to $399 dollars.  Epson has a simple to use website that allows the user easily navigate and find the different products that they sell.

The ProSense 57 is a GPS enabled smartwatch with an amazing number of features for a watch that retails for $149 dollars.  The features include RouteSense™ GPS and CardioSense™, an intuitive menu, long GPS battery life, all day activity tracker including steps and sleep tracking, and connectivity to the Epson View App to transfer data to popular running apps.

I will highlight a few of the features on the watch.  The CardioSense™ heart rate technology is neat. It uses a light and sensors on the back of the watch to measure the wearers heart rate which is then displayed on the watch.

ProSense 57

Underside of the ProSense 57. The light is the CardioSense™ heart rate monitor.

I also like that the watch is fairly simple to use. There are 5 buttons on the watch and easily readable lettering on the watch face that tells the user what the buttons do. The up arrow lets the user cycle between activity pages – heart rate, steps, calories, sleep and finally a combined steps, calories and heart rate display. The down arrow lets the user cycle through activity modes – run, walk, treadmill and a stopwatch. The user can also add two more activities to this mode using the Epson View App.

ProSense 57

Activity Summary Page on the ProSense 57

To start and stop an activity the watch has a silver colored button.  This also starts the GPS.   I found that the watch picks up a GPS signal pretty well as long as I have a clear view of the sky.  It also seems to pick up GPS more quickly if I have the watch paired with my Iphone via Bluetooth.

I have mentioned the Epson View App a few times.  The app is available for free download on android and iPhone applications.  The app pairs with the watch via Bluetooth and will track the various activities the user engages in.  It also has a calendar function that shows daily activities and exercises per day.  There is a trends function that can track weight, daily activity over a day, week, month and year.  The app can also be used to adjust the settings on the watch including the display, date and time, notifications, and alarms.

The watch face is smaller than many of the other GPS enabled watches on the market.  However, I feel like the display is easy to read. There is a main line that takes up the majority of the display and then a smaller line of text above and below the main text.

This watch is chocked full of features and there is a downloaded 84 page pdf that explains them all.  The watch is even able to change music on a smart phone and display incoming texts and phone numbers.

There are several factors that I look for when reviewing GPS watches.  The first is ease of use.  When I go for a run or a hike I want to be able to connect via GPS and get going.  I also want to be able to easily get the info from the watch so I can track my activities.  The watch also needs to be durable.  I am hard on my gear, so it needs to last – the band and the face.  Another characteristic that I am interested is battery life.  I run marathon and ultra distances and I want my watch to be able to track my speed, distance and so forth.  I want to know how long this watch will last before it needs to be recharged.

Thanks to and Epson for providing the watch for this review.