U°THERMIC Coldscreen Cold Weather Protection

~Kevin W
Cold Weather Protection

Cold Weather Protection

Winter in Maine.  At 30 degrees this morning I decided it was time to prepare for winter riding by getting out all the winter clothes, hats and other things I’ll need.  Included in that list is a sample of U°THERMIC Coldscreen Cold Weather Protection.  This 2.7 oz tube of moisturizing body lotion looks alot like sunscreen and is applied the same way. Pretend you are heading for a day at the beach rather than a below freezing hike in the woods.  It’s goal is to create a gentle warming effect on your skin and let your body retain heat.
This cream has an altogether different purpose than an Icy/Hot product.  Those products are more for recovery and dealing with soreness and bring heat or cold to the body.  This cream brings heat to the skin from inside your body.  Some of the ingredients  seem to be derived from plants including Aloe and Jojoba and there are reminders that once applied to wash your hands, keep it away from your face and sensitive body parts, including wounds, and finally DO NOT SWALLOW it.
It recommends use in non windy conditions or at least have a windbreaker on as the last layer.  As you apply it you are creating a thin layer on top of your skin that will keep your own body heat in as well as react with receptors in the skin making you feel warm in cold conditions.  It last anywhere from 2 – 4 hours and can be reapplied as needed.  It claims to have no side effects but the website does make a number of reminders as to proper application, removal and care.  It comes in the aforementioned 2.7 oz tube as well as a 5.1 oz tube or a combination pack containing both sizes.  Although it won’t stop you from getting hypothermia; it is supposed to create the feeling of warmth.  Their website, www.uthermic.com, is well done, with videos, testimonials, FAQ and some general information about the founders.
I’ll be using the product on winter hikes, some lasting longer than four hours and on fat bike rides in Maine once the snow arrives.  Temperatures in Maine will drop below freezing soon, so time to get ready.  It will be put to use shortly.
This product was received for review purposes.