Ultimate Survival Technologies – Base Kit

You may not have the survival techniques of Bear Grylls or Les Stroud but Ultimate Survival Technologies have put together a kit that will sure help you survive if you ever find yourself lost and in a survival situation.

Ultimate Survival Technologies - Base Kit Ultimate Survival Technologies – Base Kit

The Ultimate Survival Technologies Base Kit (http://www.ultimatesurvival.com/product_view.cfm?product_ID=727) is a great addition to any pack. Although everyone hopes that a great backpacking trip or hiking trip is always safe and that the trail or path is always clear. Sometimes that is not the case and it’s good to know that a simple base kit such as this one is on your person for just about any survival situation.

The kit includes the following: a Sparkie Fire Starter, WetFire Tinder, StarFlash Signal Mirror and a JetScream Whistle. All of this is neatly stowed in an Alosak, waterproof pouch that ways a total of 2.4 oz. At this light weight, there is no reason not to carry this on any trip out into the woods.

The Sparkie Fire Starter is truly the coolest survival, firestarter gadget that I have ever seen. It can be used one handed and it is so simple to use. This design makes it easy for just about anyone. Even if one hand is injured and you only have one hand to use it. Simply hold Sparkie as directed and push down to create extremely hot sparks to light the tender.

The WetFire Tinder goes hand in hand with the Sparkie. This small little cube is non-toxic and made so that it can be lit in the pouring rain and it can also be lit while floating on the top of water.

The StarFlash Signal Mirror is a great item for this kit. It is unbreakable. The diections on the back help you aim the reflection directly at the subject and it can be seen up to 100 miles away. It floats too!

The JetScream Whistle is another piece to round out this awesome kit. It is designed to provide 122 decibels of ear-piercing noise that can be heard over most natural noises. It’s the loudest in the world!

All of this comes in a very nice, Alosak, pouch that is waterproof up to 200 feet of water. I will be trying out all of these items in a controlled environment to see how easy they function and to report on the outcome. Stay tuned…

UPDATE: 1/12/10

I have been able to use a couple of the items in a controlled environment to try them out. The Star Flash Signal Mirror is very easy to use. At first it took me a couple of times to find the ‘spot’ inside the star area that is used as a guide to point the mirror in the correct direction.

Hold the mirror so that you see the reflection of the sun on your hand. While hold this position, bring the mirror up to the eye and find the bright spot that is created in the ‘star’ of the mirror. While spotting the bright spot, bring the mirror up, looking through the ‘star’ place the bright spot on the subject you are trying to flash. Then move slightly back and forth to flash the subject. I tried this while I was out and did it towards a big rock in the distance and it worked perfectly. I could see the reflection on the rock and the ‘spot’ in the star was right in the middle of the reflection on the rock so I knew it was directionally correct.

The JetScream Whistle was another thing I tried. I told a friend of to go down the street, about 2 blocks away from my house, and listen for the whistle. Living close to the city it is a bit noisier than it would be in the woods but I knew if he could hear it here in the city, it should be heard in the woods. I gave him a few minutes to get to the location and blew the whistle. I definitely has a very high pitched sound and even my dog that was inside the house was running around like crazy. He came back and said he did hear it. He said that it was definitely a different sound then the other noises that were around and it was very distinct. Next I may try it in the woods at a longer distance.

The Sparkie Fire Starter and the Wet Fire Tinder is a great tool to have whether in a survival pack or just in a backpack. The Fire Starter is so easy to use one handed and it lights the tinder it just one try. In my next update, I will focus more on these two items and show some different situations that it would come in handy. Stay tuned…

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