Leatherman Juice CS3

Leatherman Juice CS3

I received the Leatherman Juice CS3 for review purposes.  It arrived at a great time, as I will be leaving for a camping/hiking trip to Iceland.  One of the best things about the Juice CS3 is that it is approved for taking on board airplanes, as it has no blade.   I plan on keeping it in my first aide kit, and hopefully not needing it there.  I am sure it will come in handy opening packages of food. We will be shopping and preparing our own food for the most part.  The can and bottle opener will be useful, as we aren’t sure exactly what type of packaging we will run into.

The Juice does have a scissors, can and bottle opener and a cork screw assist.  I don’t usually have a need for a corkscrew while camping, but scissors always come in handy, especially in a first aid kit.  Since we will be camping, a can and bottle opener will be used I’m sure.

Lightweight and small, it is easy to carry and fits into my first aid kit.

From Leatherman.com:
  • CLOSED LENGTH 3.45 in | 8.77 cm
  • WEIGHT 1.4 oz | 39.6 g
  • MSRP:




I’ll be writing a follow up in a couple of weeks, and can share how well it works, and how I’ve used it.  Please check back!