eGear Grenade Lantern UPDATE #2!

There is nothing much better than laying in a sleeping bag, listening to the frogs and the crickets outside of your tent while reading a good book by the light of a lantern…almost nastalgic.

eGear (  has a great little LED Lantern called the Grenade that I am very fond of. When I received it I was shocked at how light weight it was even with the 3 AA batteries in it. It came with the 3 batteries, a plasic two sided clip to attach to the top of the lantern and a caribeener to use to hang it with.

Grenade LanterneGear Grenade Lantern

After getting everything put in it and on it I tried it out on my bed side table. It puts out an amazing amount of light. The way the reflectors are positioned they cast the light in a very even fashion throughout the area. I held the light above my head to see if there was a dead spot or black spot below the lantern and it turns out that there is but it was only faint. There was still enough light to see objects and to do what needs to be done directly under the lantern.

The lantern has 3 settings, a HI, LO and Flashing. What I love about this lantern so far is that it has an immediate ‘off’ mode. I don’t have to cycle through 3 settings to turn it off. I just press the button and it’s off. The battery compartment is easy to open and close. Just twist the bottom lid off to insert the batteries and twist it back on. The top lid can also be un-screwed to provide a flashlight affect. This makes this little gem two lights in one.

I will be camping and backpacking over the next few weeks and I am looking forward to taking the Grenade with me to use in my night time outdoor activites. Stay tuned for updates…


UPDATE: 11/17/09’s been a while since my report but this little gem has been awesome in my outdoor adventures. I have taken the Grenade Lantern on all of my outings and it has become one of my favorite lights while camping AND backpacking. It’s light enough to even take backpacking and I have found it to be a great addition to my pack. It came with a small carabiner and a plastic clip that clips to the top of the light. This allows me to clip it at the ridge in my tent. It creates a great, soft light to do things while inside the tent without having to have my headlamp on. It creates a nice warm glow. It allows me to read books or maps very easily while sitting up or laying down and it doesn’t cast a dark shadow over the reading material.

I have also used it on my camping trips as a light to cook by and used inside the tent for my family of 4 to play games with. It’s just a great little all around light. It is definitely bright enough to see what is needed to be seen in front and all around me while walking around in the dark, but soft enough that it doesn’t blind me if I look right at it. I can’t really even begin to count the hours that I have used it but I am still using the original batteries. I just can’t say enough about this great little light. It is a little light of mine and I WILL let it shine on….

UPDATE: 1/12/10

Wow…I just can’t say enough about this great little latern. I took it on a Scout camping trip and it was all I could do to keep the Scouts away from it and to keep it in my tent. Where some of the adults had the big gas or propane lanterns, I had the little eGear Grenade lantern and it was all that I needed to walk around camp or have sitting beside me on a picnic table while I ate. I really like the high and low settings. Even when it is on low in my tent, there is plenty of light illuminated throughout the whole tent. Believe it or not, the original batteries are still in it and have not run down. There is a little green light that blinks that lets you know the batteries are still good.

It has been through a little bit of a rain storm at one of our camp outs but nothing major. The outer shell got a little wet but it still functioned as it should. I have truly enjoyed this little light throughout this testing period and it will be my night light for many more trips to come.

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