Icon Rogue 2 Flashlight

April 28, 2010
by Anderson Bowman


  • light output:     100/10 lumens
  • runtime:           3/72 hours
  • length:             6.5 inches
  • weight:            5.8 ounces
  • waterproof:     up to 1 meter
  • battery:            two AA alkalines

When the Icon Rogue 2 Flashlight arrived I was standing there staring at it. The cool factor on this thing is off the chart and my only fear was with the fact that I had to see if it was useful as it was cool looking.

The first thing that struck me about this flashlight is that it is solid. The body is made from aluminum and it feels like it can take a beating. While I would prefer not to drop it, I have a good feeling that doing so would not mark the end of this light. If just plain feels rugged.  The ‘clickie’ tailcap switch is another feature that I really liked about this light. I bought an after market tailcap to retrofit one of my older flashlights a couple of years ago because I consider the ability to flick a light on and off with a push of a button something that makes it much easier to use. Right out of the package the Rogue 2 has the very same feature that I value so highly.

Next up are the lanyards.  Yes, I wrote that correctly as a plural. There is shorter wrist lanyard that can clip into a longer lanyard that can be worn around the neck.  I can keep it safe around my wrist or around my neck.  My only issue is that both lanyards combine to make a rather long stretch of cord. So far I have only tried it around my neck once and after a good jolt to my softer regions, I decided that wearing it under a shirt might be a good idea if I want to keep it around my neck.

Last, but not least there is the lighting ability itself.  The Rogue 2 has to brightness levels. One is typical of what I expected from an LED flashlight and the other is bright enough to burn my eyes out. I did not see the brighter light level being so bright. It is rather impressive and hopefully very useful too.

Over the next few months I will be using the Rogue 2 for hiking and fishing.  The fact that I can wear it around my neck and it is waterproof up to 1 meter makes me think that this is going to be one useful light to have on the water when I go crappie fishing at night.

My First Month of Going Rogue

by Anderson Bowman
June 12, 2010

According to the stories I hear, the Inuit have about 18 different words for snow.  After spending a month with this flashlight I wish I had 18 words for BRIGHT. I have yet to take my first nighttime fishing trip with it, but when I do, I am pretty sure the guys are going to be jealous.

The Rogue 2 is a whole lot of light packed into a small package.  The bright setting is almost too bright for normal use.  I can turn it on, hang it from the top of my tent and the Rogue 2 illuminates the interior of my one person tent well enough to read by.  That is a lot of light.

The less bright setting is great for digging around in packs and tackle boxes before and after the sun goes down. So far I have only been on early morning fishing trips, but trust me, digging for the piece of tackle or gear I want is much easier with the Rogue tucked in my mouth while I use my hands to find what I am looking for. What I really like about it is if the low light setting just is not enough, I can always go back to BRIGHT for digging in the really dark corners.

The Rogue 2 is also durable.  I drop things and I seem to drop flashlights even more than most things. Now dropping them on the ground is not too bad, but at least one drop on the concrete has happened with no observable damage to this light.

Most of the time I have worn the Rogue around my neck (under my shirt) on its long lanyard so that I could get to it quickly and not injury myself with it bouncing around.  On a couple of occasions I have accidentally dipped into a pond or lake and lucky for me nothing bad happened.  Carrying and using the Rogue while fishing from the bank has made my life easier. I am very clumsy and this usually means that I destroy gear on accident, but the Rogue 2 seems to be clumsy proof.  While it may not be indestructible, it is designed and built to be tough enough to withstand its first month with me.

I am still on my first set of batteries, but I imagine that as my nighttime fishing trips increase and as a result my usage of the Rogue 2 jumps, so will my need for a new set of batteries.

Overall I am pleased. I really like the amount of light this flashlight puts out and the fact that it is water resistant.  The click button to turn on and off is also another favorite for me. If nothing else it is cool and I love clicking it on and off, but in reality it makes the Rogue 2 easy to use.

Still Going Rogue

By Anderson Bowman
August 22, 2010

It is hard for me to believe that is has been over three months since this flashlight landed in my hands.  I am pretty sure that I have been through at least four sets of batteries and too many early morning or late night fishing trips to count.  At one point, I even broke down and carried it for awhile in my day pack as a “just in case” back up to my head lamp.

If you cannot get the picture, I have used this light a lot and not because I had to, but because it works and works well.  I seem to get a decent amount of use out of a set of batteries and I have used everything, alkaline, lithium, and rechargables, in the Rogue Icon 2 with great results.  The flashlight is not picky about its power sources as long as they have enough juice to keep the light working.

The Rogue Icon 2 has taken a beating as well along the way.  It has been dropped on dirt, concrete, and wooden piers as well as banged against boats, tackle boxes, knuckles, and on occasion I know I even swung it at the head of one of my more offensive fishing buddies. Best of all, it has held up to the use and abuse and kept on going. I no longer worry about dropping it or getting it dipped in water because after three months of this kind of constant use, the Rogue Icon 2 is still going.

Even though the testing period is over for this light, it is not going in the discard bin in the closet. The Rogue Icon 2 has earned its place in my tackle box and it is going to stay there for as long as it keep taking the beating or one of my jealous friends lifts it from me when I am not looking.  The Rogue Icon 2 puts out a ton of light for such a small light. It may not be the lightest flashlight I have owned, but the durability combined with the amount of blinding light it creates far out weigh what ever weight gain it adds to my gear.

In short, this light looks wicked cool and backs up its look with great performance and durability. It not only seems to sip the batteries (I really should have tested how long a set lasts), but it takes some rough handling in stride and puts out a pretty damn impressive level of light.

So if you are ever near Lake Conroe and see something blinding on the water at night, is probably not a UFO, just me and my new light going Rogue over the crappy fishing hole.

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