Petzl Tikka Headlamp

My name is Clinton Staples and I received a Petzl Tikka LED head lamp from Petzl for review purposes.  Below is my initial review of the light.

Petzl Tikka headlamp

Petzl Tikka LED headlamp

According to the Petzl website, this light sells for $29.95, and the buyer has a choice of colors: black, brown, and red. The light I received has a red head strap and a red battery/ & bulb housing.

The paperwork that came with the light tells me that this has a 100 lumen output with two options, a distance beam and a wide angle beam. Maximum distance is 55 meters, (about 60 yards), and 25 meters if using the broad beam, (a little more than 27 yards.) You activate the light with a push button located on top of the housing. This button toggles between the distance and wide angle beams as well as switching the light on and off. The button has a raised surface allowing for a tactile feel.

Three AAA batteries are required to power the single LED bulb. Run time according to the Petzl website is 120 hours on high, and 180 hours on low. As compared to many of the handheld flashlight available nowadays, this run time is good. With judicious usage, the batteries could last up to seven and a half days on the low power setting. The light is not rechargeable.

The weight for the light is 4.2 ounces according to the manufacturer’s specs. The head strap is a single stretchable band going around one’s head. There is no strap going over the top of the wearer’s head as some head lights have. Tightening adjustments are made with one plastic buckle on the right hand side of the strap.

Petzl lists the best use for this light as camping. I can understand the need for a hands free light source while camping and also evening work. I will be using the light for nighttime work outdoors and while walking/running the dark hours, (the coyotes sometimes get cheeky at night.)

I will be back to give you a review on the service ability of the light itself after using it for a month or so.