Petzl Tikka Plus 2 Headlight


Tikka Plus2 Manufacturer Photo

Tikka Plus2 Manufacturer Photo

By Mike J


There are some great features on the Petzl Tikka Plus 2 Headlight. It has a one piece head band that is stretchy and wide for comfort and keeps the lantern from sliding down your face if you get sweaty. The strap is very easy to adjust and has a wide size range.   The headband holds a light, small, compact light that has variable angles that go from straight out in front of you for seeing far out in front of you to very steep angles for seeing things right in front of your feet. It can be set at every angle in between and when the angle is set it stays were you put it and it doesn’t flop down if you move your head quickly. It takes 3 triple A batteries that are easy to install and take out. Battery life on maximum brightness is advertised at about 55 hours, the medium brightness lasts for about 140 hours, the flashing mode lasts about 300 hours and the red light which is about as bright as the medium white light lasts 100 hours and the flashing red light lasts 750 hours.


The brightest setting would be good for biking, running, or areas there are many hazards that need to be very visible to avoid injuries. The medium light setting would be good for walking/hiking and doing tasks around camp. The flashing would be good if you’re lost because it is easier to notice a flashing light and it lasts longer on a battery.

I like the light because it doesn’t slip or hurt your head when you wear it for a long period of time. It is durable and lightweight and the batteries are easy to get to and change. 

I will be taking it out camping and hiking this weekend, and then will write more about how it performs.  So far, I’ve used it at night a few times, mostly while outside doing chores, or walking with the dog.  It provides enough light to see where I am walking, and also allows me to lock up the animal pens with no problem.

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  2. I currtently use the previous model which is excellent. I’ve always wanted a red light as an option since it makes it easier for my eyes to adjust to the darkness just beyond the red light. There is also an indicator before the battery will die so you’re not left out in the dark without a moment’s notice.

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