Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp

Review by Arnie P

Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp

The Remix headlamp was provided by Princeton Tec for the purpose of this review.

This headlamp is not only light in weight but provides a lot of light.  It weighs 83 gm or 3 oz which is about the same weight as a package of Ramen.  This lamp has 4 settings a high and low brightness setting in the wide beam or 3 led mode and a high and low setting in the narrow beam or single led mode.  I liked the simplicity of the operation of the single switch.  Pressing firmly and quickly turns on the headlamp.  Pressing the switch partway down changes the beam intensity from high to low.  To change from wide beam to narrow beam I held the mode switch down for about 3 seconds.  The switch remembers the last mode of operation.  I like this because I use the wide beam mode most of the time.  I needed a little practice to press the switch partway down.  The Remix can be adjusted vertically.  The range of adjustment is from slightly above eye level to almost straight down.  The headband adjusts easily and stays adjusted.

I started using the Remix to travel around the house at night.  In the morning I put it on my head to come down for breakfast.  After eating breakfast I go to the gym, on a couple occasions I found I was wearing the headlamp as I was getting out of the car at the gym.  It is so light and comfortable that I forget that it is on my head.  The Remix has worked well for me on local walks after dark

I am looking forward to taking the Remix on backpack trips and hikes when it is dark at the end of the hike.  I will be updating this report in about a month.

Princeton Tec headlamp

Continued Use:  November 2009
by Arnie P

I have gone on a few solo backpacking trips and have been able to use the Remix on these trips.  I found the Remix very handy in pitching a tent in low light conditions. This does not require a lot of light but it makes it a lot easier if the light is exactly where you need it.  I have the headlamp adjusted so it follows my eyes and the lighted area is usually exactly where I want it.  Sometimes a minor adjustment is needed, which is quick and easy.  To make this adjustment I hold the frame of the headlamp with my left hand and use my right hand to make the vertical adjustment.  This does require a firm grip with the left hand.

Cooking up a quick meal is also a lot easier with a headlamp in after sunset conditions.  After the meal is completed and things put away its time to get in the sleeping bag and do some reading before going to sleep.  I have found that I have ample light reading using wide beam mode and using the low level setting.  With this headlamp I am able to read lying on my back.  The headlamp is also great when nature calls during the night. My nature call trips are quicker and I very seldom trip anymore.

Repair work around the house

One of the problems I have with a lot of small repair work is getting enough light where I need it.  Trouble lights are useful in a lot of situations but not in small confined areas.  , In a small space I have a lot of difficulty placing the trouble lamp in a place where it sheds enough light without shining in my eyes or so close I feel the heat from the bulb, the bulb tends to break easily.  I have worked under my kitchen sink where space is very limited and I have used the Remix to make repairs quickly.  I have also used the Remix to clean my desktop computer.  I have used this headlamp in my cellar to look for items.  Even with light on in the cellar there are still a lot of dark areas where the headlamp makes it a lot easier to find things.

I have dropped the headlamp several times and the light did not go out.  The headlamp has gotten damp without any problems.  The dampness has been mainly caused by condensation in the tent.

Battery life

I have noticed a small decrease in light intensity.  For the technically inclined the battery voltage on each battery measured about 1.37 volts. From past experience I can use these batteries for awhile longer.  Since I use the headlamp mostly on the low power setting I expect these batteries to last the 200 hours mentioned on the Princeton web site.  Keeping track is difficult since I fall asleep with the headlamp on, a few times.
I continue to be pleased and surprised at the versatility and lightness of this headlamp. I am looking forward to using the Princeton Tec Remix headlamp in colder weather. Look back in about a month when I will be updating this report.

Continued Use: December 2009
by Arnie P

The weather has gotten colder and the days shorter. When I take an evening walk it is dark and I am finding the Remix very helpful. The low level output has been sufficient most of the time. There is a lot of traffic and I feel safer knowing that with the headlamp on I can be easily seen. A lot of the streets in my neighborhood are poorly lit and I can see sufficiently to avoid tripping. There are also places where I leave the road and walk in the woods and this is where the headlamp is especially useful. These trails are well used and sometimes hard to follow without enough light. I have not had any problem negotiating these trails at night. The headlamp has not gotten caught in any branches when I go off the trail for some exploring.

I have accidentally dropped the headlamp a few more times and it still has not have any effect. The Remix is compact and very durable. When hiking I can carry the Remix in my sunglasses case. They both fit into the same case at the same time which does not occur too often. I have not had any problem with loose batteries which might cause the light to become intermittent.

I have been using the Remix in my house after dark. This means I only need to turn on a light if I plan on staying in a room. This may seem like an insignificant amount of electricity to save. In the darker months it is noticeable especially when comparing a monthly usage from an electric bill from same month the previous year. I wanted to install a motion sensor light in my cellar. The best place to hang the light was between the floor joists and when I was in position to do what I needed to do, my head was always blocking the light. With the Remix headlamp on, the job was a lot easier.

I am amazed at how well the batteries are holding out. Almost all my use is at the low setting using the wide beam mode. I recently measured the voltage on all 3 batteries and it was 1.22 volts. The starting voltage was 1.55 volts. I have not noticed much degradation in the light output so far. I estimate my average use is between 1 and 2 hours a day. I would be very happy replacing the batteries about 3 times a year. I am very pleased with the Remix as it has become a part of my daily life.

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