Aquapac Small Stormproof Pouch

Ever worried about your small items that you carry with you outdoors getting damp, wet, or exposed to the elements?  The Aquapac Small Stormproof Pouch was created to provide the protection necessary to keep your “smalls” safe.

The pouch was provided by Aquapac for review purposes.


Dimensions: when unrolled and laid flat:12 cm x 20 cm (~4.7 in. x 7.9 in.). When the pouch is rolled down three times (recommended to be water tight): the dimensions are reduced to 12 cm 13 cm (~4.7 in. x 5.1 in.).


Material:  70D TPU-coated Ripstop Nylon with welded seams

Waterproofing:  IPX6 (Water projected in powerful jets (12.5mm nozzle) against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.)  see this web page for more information on Ingress Protection scaling)

Extras:  adjustable lanyard, lashtab for belt or carabiner.

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I received the Aquapac Small Stormproof Pouch only a few hours prior to departing for an overnight trip along the banks of the Chattooga River in the northwest corner of South Carolina.  I always carry a dry sack along on any outdoor trips, but the hike along the Chattooga necessitated my small electronics and valuables (cell phone, digital camera, wallet, car keys) be kept safe from moisture.

The pouch is very simple to use.  It was created as a roll-top pouch with a plastic clasp to secure the pouch.  If rolled over three times, the pouch is air and water tight to protect whatever is inside.  I am relieved to see how durable the Aquapac Pouch appears to be.  The Ripstop nylon is thick enough to prevent the pouch from being easily punctured by any type of sharp edge.  If anything, this only helps my peace-of-mind that my gear will be safe while in the pouch. As noted above, the pouch not only has welded seams (preferable to taped seams in my opinion), but those seams are also reinforced with an extra nylon layer stitched onto the pouch below the welded seam to prevent excessive abrasion on the edges of the pouch (black nylon on edges in photos).

While the pouch is not intended to be submerged under water for an extended period of time, if you seal the pouch with an ample amount of air captured inside, the pouch will float on water.  This aspect of the pouch is ideal for any type of boating or outdoor activities done on or around the water.  (see below photo)

Aquapac small stormproof pouch

Pouch floating on water

As you can see above in the dimensions, the pouch is pretty small.  It is just large enough to snuggly fit my iPhone 3GS with OtterBox Defender case and some cash or credit cards at one time.  I was also able to fit a small digital camera in the pouch (the camera’s dimensions: 3.25″ x 2.25″ x 0.75″) with a small amount of room to spare.  My wallet also fit into the pouch by itself with a small amount of room to spare.

My Usage

As mentioned above, I carried the Small Stormproof Pouch with me on my trip along the Chattooga River.  Much of the day after the hike was spent on a sandbar, but no sand or grit ever made its way into the pouch.  I tossed the pouch with my cell phone inside into the river for a few seconds but no water escaped inside after I retrieved it.

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The pack also accompanied me on a recent trip for a few days to Edisto Beach on the coast of South Carolina.  I used the adjustable lanyard to attach the pouch to the handlebars of my bicycle for the long leisure rides around the island.  The pouch was perfect size to include a digital camera (see dimensions above) and some cash, ID, and credit cards.  with the lanyard cinched down tightly to the handlebars, the pouch hung securely without having to worry about it sliding or falling off.

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I also took the pouch with me to the onto the beach itself with a digital camera inside to protect it from the sand, humidity and saltwater.  As long as I was careful to not allow any sand inside as I closed to pouch, no sand or moisture was able to make it into the pouch while it was sealed.

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I am pleased with what I have experienced with the Aquapac Small Stormproof Pouch so far.  It appears to be very durable, versatile and it’s abilities to shed and keep out the elements has been flawless so far.  Check back in about a month for my update on the pouch.

-Kaleb R.

Update #1

The Aquapac Small Stormproof Pouch has accompanied myself on literally all of my outdoor activities since I have had it.  It is ideal for this kind of use because of its small size and low weight.  A majority of my use with the Pouch has been with my cell phone, some cash, debit card, and ID (all inside the pouch at once).  The goal of the Pouch isn’t to keep all of your gear safe from moisture and the elements, just one or two items of your small gear.

The Pouch was perfect on a recent paddle around a small lake for a few hours. I threw my cell phone inside and let the Pouch sit in the middle of the canoe where water will often spray or drip from bringing the paddle over to the other side of the canoe.

After an hour or so of paddling, I opened the Pouch and there was no moisture inside.  I even tossed the pouch with my cell phone inside over into the lake for a few seconds and no water had gotten inside the pouch.  It must be mentioned, as with any sort of fold over dry sack, if the exterior of the pouch is wet and you open and unfold the top, there is always a chance of moisture getting inside.

I’ve taken a couple of trips to the Horsepasture River, a National Wild Scenic River that flows from North Carolina into South Carolina.  The river has a number of waterfalls you can hike to, with some deep swimming holes and high ledges to jump off of into the river.  Rainbow Falls, at about 125 ft. high is well worth the hike in and offers some good swimming.  After a good rainfall, the falls can put off a good amount of mist and spray, so the Stormproof Pouch was perfect to keep my cell phone safe from any of the spray. Sometimes the silicone casing around my cell phone “sticks” to the inside layer of the Stormproof Pouch, making it difficult at times to place the phone inside and to pull it out of the Pouch.

Recently, I took a 23-mile overnight backpacking and brought the Stormproof pouch along with me to keep my cell phone and ID in. There was a 30% chance of rain, so I brought it along just in case.  In the end, the pouch did better to keep dirt and dust away, rather than the rain which never showed up. The Pouch is small, and light enough that it will most likely accompany myself on any type of trip, just for peace of mind and to keep my gear safe.  The pouch has also shown to be rugged and durable and I have not had any issues with wear and tear.

Since my last post, I have used the pack without the lanyard and the belt strap.  For my next update I will try to incorporate more uses of the Pouch with these added extras.  As mentioned above, the size of the Pouch allows it to easily be thrown into into a pack or whatever you are carrying along with you on the trail.  So far, I only have praise for the Aquapac Small Stormproof Pouch.  I feel confident in its construction and that whatever I put inside will be safe from any type of moisture that can be thrown at it.  Check back in about a month to see my last update on the Aquapac Small Stormproof Pouch.

Final Update:

After three months with the Aquapac Small Stormproof pouch I honestly only have good things to say about the product. It’s size is its main limiting factor, however, the pouch was only created to hold a few small items at most.

As much as we cherish and pay for our smartphones theses days, I have found the Stormproof pouch to be perfect to not only protect my phone, but it lets me do the adventurous things that I would not do previously for fear of getting my phone wet.

I have used the pouch on nearly every outdoor adventure I have made over these past three months.  The pouch has held up well and has proved to be very durable and shows little signs of wear.

As you can see, the only signs of use are some slight creases, dirt, and grime around the area where you fold the top over.

I took the small stormproof pouch with me on a recent trip to Beaufort, SC on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.  Like previous trips, I took my cell phone along with me in the pouch to the beach.  The only issue that I had was when I opened the pouch some of the moist sand made its way inside and stuck to the rubbery waterproof material inside and was difficult to remove.  I had to let the moist sand dry out before I could shake all of it out of the interior of the pouch.

I have spent a large number of weekends along the Horsepasture River in Western North Carolina in the Nantahala National Forest this summer.  Rainbow Falls is one of my favorite destinations, both for the beauty and for the huge deep pool at the base, perfect for swimming and jumping off a few ledges into the water below.  I also really enjoy hiking along the river and navigating across the large boulders and portions of the river.  This can be harrowing at times and previously without the pouch I always worried about my cell phone, sitting hardly protected in a cheap plastic sandwich bag.  The Stormproof Pouch lets me go wherever I want on the river without having to worry about the occasional slip or fall into the water.

Rainbow Falls

The Aquapac Small Stormproof Pouch will be a piece of gear that I carry along with me on every trip from now on.  Small and lightweight, the pouch takes up little more space than what you store inside.  It is durable and has shown little evidence of wear.  At the end of the day, I know that whatever is inside the Aquapac Small Stormproof Pouch is safe from the elements and that makes the pouch worth every penny.

Special thanks to Aquapac for providing the pouch for this review!

-Kaleb R.

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